Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine


Oriental Medicinerefers to amaster’s program ofAcupuncture andChinese Herbal Medicine. The programslead toa MSOM (Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine) or MSTOM (Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine) degree.

These master’s programsaim to producepractitioners of Oriental medicinewho are competent to function as primary, independent health care providers. The programs enable graduates totake any California, Illinois,or New York State Licensure Examination and the National Certification Examinations.

If you havea taste for alternative therapies, this is a good career option to consider. There is a growing demand for traditional healing methods anda training in Oriental Medicine can position you well to take advantage of this. Oriental Medicine practice can be both professionallysatisfying and financially rewarding. There are several schools across the US offering these programs. Acupuncture professionals earn Up to $60,000/year.

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