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The New York Film Academy is proud to be the acting school and film school of choice for the Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA organization. Many of its film school programs feature the production of original short films or scenes that are created by and starring acting school students then shot and edited together by a semi-professional film crew. Their Acting for Film School and Film School programs work hand-in-hand, providing all of their acting and film students resources such as film equipment, live film shoots, and a network of filmmakers, screenwriters, producers, and editors that is developed before entering the real world. Their intensive programs give acting students a full training curriculum without taking them out of the working world at a potentially productive moment of their acting careers.

Better than any other school in the world, the Acting School at the New York Film Academy is equipped to provide all of their acting students with a real-life professional filmmaking experience. Unlike other acting schools, we provide all of their acting students with a basic education in a variety of filmmaking crafts: directing, producing, screenwriting, and many different crew positions. Students come away from the Acting for Film School program not only with solid acting training, but with practical filmmaking experience under their belt as well.

History of Acting can be traced back to 4000 BC, when it was believed that Egyptian priests worshiped the dead by remembering them in performances. So while acting may have begun as an element of religion it slowly evolved to become entertainment. What was considered very good acting in ancient times with actors using masks and exaggerated physical gestures to convey emotion is today considered performance art or even mime. Back in 1895, Louis Lumires changed the craft of acting forever when he introduced the first motion picture to the public. Although the film, La Sortie d’usine, was nothing more than a train moving on its tracks, the impact of his work on the future of acting was momentous. The Acting School at New York Film Academy seeks to give acting students a thorough foundation in traditional technique, yet allow them to have a true understanding of the difference between acting on the stage and performing for the camera on a film set.

AMDA offers programs in musical theatre, dance theare, performance arts and acting. With campuses in the two entertainment capitals of the world, New York City (Manhattan) and Los Angeles (Hollywood), it offers the ideal setting to perfect the artist in you. There are two four-semester programs on offer for prospective acting students- the Integrated Program which covers singing and dance in addition to acting and the Studio Program that prepares the students for film, television and stage acting.

New York’s rich Off-Off-Broadway scene offers countless opportunities to audition for productions in black box theaters as you start your acting career. The intensive curriculum at this NY acting school is set around Stanislavskis system. During the 3rd year Repertory Season, acting students work as an ensemble with students from the directing and playwriting program to present a series of professionally produced plays for the general public and theatre professionals. Acting students benefit from observation privileges at the Actors Studio, as well as seminars and workshops where they can learn directly from Actors Studio members. This non-profit acting school in NYC offers a 2-year professional acting workshop and a 2-year musical theatre workshop.

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