Ohio State College of Barber Styling was originally founded in 1959 when our school was located on South High Street in downtown Columbus, Ohio. In 1993, the Ohio State College of Barber Styling was moved to its current location and was purchased in 1998 by its current owner, Robert D. Glenn.


Ohio State College of Barber Styling offers a spacious facility in which to learn and provide clinic services to the public. Theory and Practical classes are held in a specially designed classroom, which is separate from the clinic area. The school is a one-story facility of 5,000 square feet and there are 40 barber stations used for clinical practice.

The maximum class size is thirty students. Each student is assigned a station to work from, completely equipped with a professional shampoo bowl, hydraulic barber chair, mirror, and back bar unit with individual sanitizers.

The school is equipped with eight additional stations for the clinical/classroom practice portion of the curriculum. The theory classroom is provided with a chalkboard, overhead projector, slide projector, television, and VCR/DVD. Wigs, mannequins, and all supplies necessary for practice are provided for classroom training. Separate areas contain lockers that are provided for each student. The lunchroom provides a seating area with a refrigerator and two microwave ovens for student use. Vending machines, stocked regularly, provide assorted snacks and beverages. Our institution also provides handicapped accessible restroom facilities for both men and women.



  • High School Diploma or GED, prior to start date
  • 17 years of age, prior to start date.
  • 1,000 hour program requires a valid Ohio Cosmetology License.
  • $250.00 deposit, to be applied to the total cost of tuition.
  • Must complete an initial interview and tour the facility.
  • Meet ALL State Barber Board Requirements.
  • Be 17 years of age prior to start date.
  • If the applicant has a prior felony conviction, State Barber Board approval is required.
  • All documents are submitted as requested.
  • Drivers License


Tuition Information
Application Fee
Administrative Fee
Equipment Charge

The Ohio State College of Barber Stylings enrollment representative must approve part-time schedules. Part-time schedules are defined as a reduction in the total hours required to be enrolled each month.

An additional fee of $600.00 is charged for the approval of Part-Time schedules.

Refresher Course

($600.00 for 200 clock hours must be paid at the time of enrollment.)

A refresher course is offered by the Ohio State College of Barber Styling for those licensed barbers in the State of Ohio wishing to return to school to refresh their skills.

The refresher course may also be required by the State Barber Board for those students unsuccessful in their attempts to acquire a passing mark during their State Board Examination.

Contact Information

Ohio State College Of Barber Styling
4614 East Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43213
Phone: (888) 304-6446 | (614) 868-1015



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