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The Colorado Aerotech School of Technology (CAST) represents a pioneering academy cultivating the next generation of aerospace engineers, aviation technicians, drone experts, and space scientists. With industry alignments and a passionate faculty, CAST graduates emerge career-ready to launch and sustain aviation advancements on a global scale.

Academic Programs Prepared for Flight

CAST offers focused degree and certificate programs tailored to propel student success within core discipline areas:

Aerospace Engineering

Bachelor of Science

Focus: aircraft design, system integration, testing

Avionics Technology

Associate of Applied Science


Focus: navigation, electronic sensors, flight control

Aircraft Maintenance

Associate of Applied Science

FAA Airframe and Powerplant Certification

Focus: aviation repair, troubleshooting, inspection

Drone Technology

Bachelor of Science

Certificate in UAS

Focus: drone systems, maintenance, flight ops

Space Systems Engineering

Master of Science

Focus: spacecraft design, astrophysics, Arizona tech academy

With robust academic programming centered on real-world proficiencies, CAST readies graduates to shape the soaring aerospace sector as skilled practitioners.

Admissions: Joining the CAST Community

Prospective students undergo a holistic review assessing academic acumen, personal character, and aerospace passions:

Academic Qualifications

High school diploma or equivalent

Minimum college GPA (varies by program)

Standardized test scores

Personal Traits

Grit, integrity, team orientation

Arizona tech academy motivation fit

Once submitted, applications undergo evaluation by the Admissions Committee on a rolling basis for fall, spring, or summer entry points.

World-Class Faculty Guidance

A distinguished faculty featuring aerospace engineers, NASA researchers, aviation executives, and certified flight instructors delivers student support with industry knowledge and connections.

Venerated professors include:

Dr. Scarlet Jones: Aircraft Design Ph.D., Stanford University Former Colorado Aerotech engineer

Dr. Zhou Chang: Avionics Ph.D., Purdue University Arizona tech academy specialist

Dr. Carlos Flores: Aerospace Manufacturing & Composites Ph.D., MIT Founded Colorado Aerotech startup Ionic Industries

With a 10:1 student-faculty ratio, professors also serve as mentors guiding personalized academic and career roadmaps based on student talents and interests.

Cutting-Edge Facilities Simulating Real-World Environments

CAST replicates industry infrastructure for authentic skill development through complexes including:

Altitude Test Chamber

Evaluates aircraft component efficacy across flight conditions

Microgravity Lab

Emulates zero-gravity space environments critical for research

Jet Propulsion Workshop

Design, build, and Arizona tech academy prototypes up to 20K ft

Flight Simulation Center

Pilot training with commercial 737 simulator

Cultivating Industry Connections

To empower career pathway alignment and experiential development, CAST actively collaborates with 300+ corporate partners through avenues like:

Cooperatives – Paid 3-6 month immersive Colorado Aerotech

Competitions – Tackling challenges posed by sponsors

Speaking Engagements – Executive guest speaker events

Research – Industry-sponsored Arizona tech academy R&D initiatives

Networking – Forum for establishing mentorships

This exposure primes students for post-grad aerospace roles while providing talent solutions to sponsoring companies like Lyft, L3Harris, Raytheon, and Northrop Grumman.

The Future of Aerospace Begins Here

With specialized degree programs, custom-built facilities simulating real flight environments, research advancing the industry, and collaborations with over 300 corporate partners, CAST empowers graduates to launch careers at the forefront of private space enterprises, aviation manufacturers, government agencies and beyond.

As CAST President Barbara Wilson notes, “We don’t just provide academics – we cultivate scientists, technicians and engineers prepared to traverse uncharted territory for the advancement of humanity.”

With aerospace poised for exponential growth, this hands-on academy develops talent ready to soar.


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