World Vision College of Cosmetology, Inc. (WVC) (a California Non-profit corporation) was established in 1993, creating an environment for training the Profession of Cosmetology. WVCs mission is to provide professional training in the field of cosmetology, barbering, esthetics and manicuring for those students desiring to enter the cosmetology industry. World Vision College has training programs for adults, young adults, and high school students, all with the goal to obtain a professional license in the field of cosmetology. Since the date of inception, WVC has successfully trained thousands of students from Oakland, and other surrounding cities.

WVC began in the city of Richmond and has now relocated to Oakland. Since we have moved to Oakland, our enrollment has increased and the student base has diversified in Ethnicity. 40% of our students are Asian, and combined 60% Black, White and Hispanic.

WVC is located in the Downtown area of Oakland. The majority of our students commute from other cities. WVC is located at the 19th Street Bart Station and is on the Broadway AC Transit Bus Line. Parking is located on 17th and Broadway.


World Vision college of Cosmetologys mission continues to be an environment to professionally train students to obtain their Cosmetology occupational license in the field of cosmetology. Once a student graduates and passes the State Board licensing test, the majority of them have jobs waiting for them.

World Vision College of Cosmetology provides training designed to prepare graduates not just to find jobs, but also to embark on successful careers in cosmetology, manicuring and esthetician. With this in mind, we continually survey the industry to keep abreast of the latest teaching methods, as well as current trends, designs and techniques required by employers. Our philosophy at World Vision is that with proper motivation and positive thinking, coupled with excellent training as the foundation, all goals are attainable. We will have an impact on upgrading the entire beauty industry by preparing the graduates for licensing examination at the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.

World Vision College Facilities

World Vision College of Cosmetology, Inc. (WVC), is located at 1720 Broadway Street, Oakland, California 94612 The facility is accessible by public transit, via both Bay Area Rapid Transit System and Alameda County bus line. The design of the World Vision College facilities and the equipment utilized create an environment for learning the profession of cosmetology. There are over 4,000 square feet of space in the training facility with (40) station and chairs (4) facial beds, (6) manicure tables, (5) shampoo bowels, and (10) dryers. The classrooms provide necessary tables and chairs for the all of students at WVC. The design of the facility includes accessible for wheelchairs, additionally there are two restrooms are equipped for the disabled.

World Vision College of Cosmetology Course Outline

Students will attend regularly scheduled theory classes (lecture), read assigned chapters of their textbooks, perform actual practical operations (services) on another person or a mannequin, and must take and pass assigned tests with a grade point average of 70% “C” or better. The student will learn the techniques and methods of performing wet hairstyling, haircutting, hair coloring and chemical services, facial, manicuring techniques, safety and sanitation requirements, and reception desk duties.

Technical instruction will be provided to students in each skill prior to the student actually performing client services (practical operations).

Each unit of instruction divided into six levels of instruction, (1) theory classes, (lectures and demonstration) (2) Theory testing (written and oral), (3) Practical operation demonstrations, (4) Practical operations on Mannequin or other person, (5) Complete operations performed on another person, and (6) Performance reviews (progress evaluations, see satisfactory progress policy).

World Vision College Cosmetology Course Graduation Requirements:

When a student has completed the required theory hours, practical operations and a cumulative total of 1600 clock hours, which encompass both theory and practical training for the Cosmetology course, with a (GPA) grade point average of 70% “C” or better, and he/she has paid all tuition and fees, he/she is awarded a diploma certifying his/her graduation. Students are assisted in completing the necessary documents to file for the appropriate State Board of Cosmetology Examination.

World Vision College Cosmetology Course Licensing Requirements:

A Cosmetology license will be granted by the State of California only after the student has successfully completed and graduated from the Cosmetology course as described above and passed the Cosmetology State Board Examination with an overall average of 70%.

Contact Information

1720 Broadway Oakland,
California 94612
Tel: (510) 645-5873
FAX: (510)645-9782




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