Mr. Woody Ringler and his associates formed the institute in November 1958 and it has been in continuous operation. Woody’s Hair Styling School trains you in programs that qualify you to enter unlimited fields: License Cosmetologist Beauty Salon Operator Beauty Salon Manager Specialized in Hair Color Tricology Hair Cutting Hair Styling Make-Up Artistry Skin Care (or become a platform artist in all areas of cosmetology) Nail Technician. Beauty Services Available to The Public, Classes Available, Cosmetology, Full Ort Part Time Classes, Job Placement Assistance, Nail Tech, Nail Tech & Skin Care, Salon Services Available to The Public

Admission Requirements

High school graduates with a diploma or holders of the General Education Certificate (GED) and are 16 years of age or older. Persons without a High School Diploma or GED must meet ability to benefit.

The ability to benefit from the training for those 16 years of age or older with no high school diploma or GED will be determined by passing the Adult Basic Learning Examination (ABLE) – Level III, which will be administered by an independent source.

All applicants must provide: Proof of Education (Diploma, GED, H.S. Transcripts)



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