Fay Stacey started her career forty-five years ago in a small salon in her home. She had many challenges, but learned and discovered how to deal with these challenges in order to succeed in this industry. Through hard work and determination, she established a large clientele and it soon became evident to her to open a larger salon. She also realized there was a need in the community for trained cosmetologists designers that could be creative and innovative. It was this knowledge that prompted Fay to open one of the largest Cosmetology schools in the state.

It now became her vision and her goal to train students to rise to a level of excellence to be a champion. Naming her school Staceys Hands of Champions, Fay was determined that all students would be champions. Her goal was to use her experience to mentor and empower her hair designers with the best knowledge and experience in technical skills and creative design.

As a designer and teacher, Fay was called on many occasions to educate Cosmetologists on a national level, winning numerous competitions and being recognized in many magazines. McCalls Magazine awarded her the title One of Five Top Hairdressers in America. She designed hair for a movie studio and styled dozens of top stars in the movie industry. She participated in community projects that earned her the honor of Fay Stacey Day (September 7th) in Northern Utah. For two years she served with the Clairol Presidential Hair Council in New York, perfecting her haircoloring skills.

Fay realized that knowledge and constant education is the key to being successful in this profession. She is extremely proud that Staceys Hands of Champions Americas College of Champions – has created successful careers for thousands of designers over the past 21 years.

Staceys Hands of Champions Beauty College was founded in 1984 in Ogden, Utah. In August of 1995 it moved to its present location where it is located right behind the Newgate Mall.

This newer and larger facility gives the students 11,000 square feet of creating space. It houses a large clinic floor, nail clinic floor, skin care room, makeup room and a large auditorium. It also includes six classrooms, two employee offices, a retail store, dispensary, and reception area as well as break room and locker room. The school is completely equipped with up-to-date.

To become professional, you have to be taught by a professional. For this reason, Staceys Hands of Champions Beauty College adopted the Pivot Point Educational System. The Pivot Point Educational System believes in the importance of teaching a hair designer why as well as how something works. Knowing how only results in technical skills. Knowing why allows the freedom to create. This freedom is achieved through Pivot Points unique educational delivery system, incorporating interactive technology and artistic creativity. This is the cutting edge of this profession.

Staceys is committed to every students success. With a Staceys degree you will have the skills, knowledge, and power to follow whatever cosmetology career path you choose and soon you will be a designer who knows how to think, see, and create like a champion.




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