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Lifetime career success and the financial rewards that go with it, requires a lifetime of advantages. Those who have positioned themselves at the top of their profession will tell you, “Getting to the top and staying there is no accident, you have to surround yourself with the resources that can continuously drive your career forward”. :

The founders of Network Learning Institute, having leveraged the expertise of industry certified professionals with CompTIA certifications, Cisco certification training and Microsoft certification training who understand the true measure of what is required to carve out a competitive advantage.. We provide our students with these life-long resources free of charge because we don’t succeed, unless you do.

Lifetime job placement assistance

Lifetime access to multiple fully-equipped labs stocked with the latest equipment

Lifetime career counseling/ planning services

Free 1-Year course retake policy

The learning process of transforming information into application-level knowledge typically takes time. It’s also true that, repetition can be an effective mechanism to enhance understanding, especially when the subject matter is of a technical nature. To ensure every student is given the opportunity to achieve their career goals, we back our entire curriculum with a full one year free course retake option; effective from the end-date of each course.



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