The Moler group of barber colleges has been in operation for nearly a century for the purpose of training and qualifying individuals to enter the barbering and hairdressing industry at the entry level. Since their inception, the colleges have maintained high-quality training facilities, and have become known as a leader in graduating qualified and successful persons in the barber-stylist, hairstyling, and hairdressing industry.

The colleges were initially established by A. B. Moler, who led the way for formal training of barbers by opening the first barber college in the nation in Chicago, Illinois in 1893. With the success of his barber college in Chicago, Mr. Moler turned his attention and entrepreneurial abilities to the growing West. The “National Barber School” had been established just before the turn of the century at 218 J Street in the young and bustling city of Sacramento, California. Mr. Moler purchased the National Barber School in 1910, renaming it the Moler Barber College.

Courses are offered in basic barbering, advanced barbering, hairstyling and hairdressing, post-graduate, and refresher courses. In addition, we have developed and offer an outstanding teacher-training program for persons desirous of becoming qualified and licensed instructors to teach in barber colleges and post-secondary education programs.

The secondary objectives of the various training programs are to pass the licensing examination and to prepare the student for entry-level positions, expose the student to industry-related products, promote professional ethics and standards, and instill a strong sense-of-self for their future in this rewarding profession/industry.

The College maintains a continuous program of research, evaluation, and development in the various fields of academic teaching and in the barber-stylist and hairdressing industry. The training programs are designed to provide a step-by-step method for students to progress as their skills develop. The course design allows individualized instruction when needed or practical.

The major emphasis of the training course is in clinical or practical hairstyling and hairdressing. This is necessary to ensure success when the student enters the professional ranks of barbering, hairstyling, and hairdressing as a licensed professional.

The College is proud of its accomplishments and its reputation for educating and training persons to be successful barbers, hairstylists, and hairdressers, and for preparing them to become leaders within the industry and the community.

Course Objectives

The ultimate objective of the Moler barber colleges is to prepare students to pass the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology examination. This qualifies them to practice barbering in the state of California as licensed barbers.

An additional objective is to provide training that enables graduates to function effectively in today’s full-service salons. This requires that students be trained in the basics of every service performed in salons today. It is also our desire that students be exposed to sound business practices.

Admission Requirements

To qualify for admission to the Colleges, an enrolling student must meet the following requirements:
An interview and acceptance by the school.
Prospective students must have obtained a minimum of a tenth-grade education or a GED certificate.
Students may start school on any Tuesday, providing an open position is available.
The Student Enrollment Agreement must be signed prior to starting date.



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