The school was founded and opened for the education of Barber Stylists on February 6, 1956, being located at that time between Floyd and Brook on the south side of Market Street in Louisville, Kentucky and known as the Kentucky College of Barbering. In 1965 we were displaced by Urban Renewal and had to find a new location. We moved to 1230 South Third street into our own building in March 1965. Over the years more than 2.000 students have gone through our school. They have come mainly from Kentucky and Indiana, but at one time we had students from nine different states attending this school. We are now located at 2600 W. Broadway Louisville. Kentucky.

School Facilities

Our training facilities are located at 2600 W. Broadway, Louisville, Kentucky. Our practical department consists of 14 service stations with no more than one student working at a given station at any time. Our facilities also include a customer waiting area, office, storeroom and classroom. The school’s maximum capacity is 28 students, but the usual enrollment is around 19.

Kentucky College of Barbering, is to prepare students to pass the Kentucky Board of Barbering Apprentice Examination, qualifying them for a Kentucky Apprentice Barber license.

An additional objective is to provide training that will allow graduates to function effectively in today’s full-service shops and be a credit to the profession. This is accomplished by exposing students to sound business practices, customer relations and a solid instructional program.

Students will be taught and trained on live customers under the direction of a licensed barber-teacher, the basics of hair cutting, hairstyling, shaving shampooing, scalp massages and facials, perms, color hair relaxers. Students will receive classroom instruction in physiology, barber management upon successful completion of the course, the student will be awarded a diploma as a barber stylist and qualified to take the KY Board of Barbering examination for Kentucky Apprentice Barber.

Occupational Outlook

Barbering includes cutting hair into all kinds of hairstyles for men, women and children, shaving, trimming beards, tinting hair, curling hair, facials and massages. All these have been around for over 6,000 years in some form or other. History related that China, Greece and Egypt all practiced hair cutting, hair coloring and cosmetic art and used eye paints even back before Christ. Everyone wants to look their best. People pay for these services and always will. I doubt if you will ever see a machine that you could put your head into to get a hairstyle. I know I would not have the nerve to try such a thing; would you? Barbering and Hairstyling is a needed profession. As incomes rise, people will spend more and more of their dollars to the professional who can help them look their best. Small towns to large cities all across the country and throughout the world have the need for the services of a professional Barber.



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