An essential part of anyone’s journey to health starts with a diagnosis. For care providers to effectively treat their patients, they need skilled and accurate technicians to deliver results from diagnostic equipment.

EKG Technicians are responsible for performing electrocardiogram tests in order to monitor and record electrical impulses transmitted by the heart. They assist physicians in diagnosing and treating cardiac and blood vessel irregularities. To take a basic EKG, which traces electrical impulses transmitted by the heart, technicians attach electrodes to the patient’s chest, arms, legs, and then manipulate switches on an EKG machine to obtain a reading.

EKG Technicians with advanced training, like ours, perform Holter monitor and stress testing. For Holter monitoring, technicians place electrodes on the patient’s chest and attach a portable EKG monitor to the patient’s belt which records the heart’s activity for 24-48 hours. For a treadmill stress test, EKG Technicians connect the patient to an EKG monitor which allows them to monitor the heart’s performance while the patient is walking on a treadmill, gradually increasing the treadmill’s speed to observe the effect of increased exertion.

ECG Technicians work in physician offices, hospitals, clinics, and other health care facilities and organizations. ECG Technicians also work for insurance companies to establish health and life insurance policies.

The Course

Our comprehensive sixty (60) hour ECG/EKG Technician Course provides students with the critical skills required to function as EKG Technicians, and prepares them to take the national electrocardiograph technician certification exam. The program consists of both didactic and clinical instruction.

Topics include anatomy and physiology of the heart, medical disease processes, medical terminology, ethics, laboratory assisting, electrocardiography and overview of echocardiography. Hands-on training labs introduce the student to the function and proper use of the EKG machine, 12-lead placement and interpretation, Holter Monitoring, stress testing and other clinical practices. After completion of the course students will be able to quickly and easily recognize significant cardiac events.

Upon completion of the course, students will be eligible to take the:

  • Certified EKG Technician, CET

An optional clinical externship is also available. Complete your enrollment 7 days prior to your desired start date as classes close 7 days in advance.

The best way to see if BAMA Institute is right for you is to contact an admissions representative. Get more information on our programs, class schedules, and financial aid options.

Our Instructor

Our ECG/EKG Technician Course is taught by Dr. Rufino Francia, Manager, Non-Invasive Cardiology & Cardiac Rehabilitation, at the California Pacific Medical Center. Dr. Rufino Francia has over 20-years’ experience in the field of electrocardiography, and his teaching imparts a wide and varied clinical background on various arrhythmias, heart blocks, ischemias, infarctions, and other EKG abnormalities. Dr. Rufino Francia also provides an on-site clinical learning environment using equipment from one of the best hospitals in California.



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