Founded in 1998 by third generation French Chef Alain Lenôtre and Marie Lenôtre, the Culinary Institute Lenotres’​ philosophy is tradition, quality and respect. It is the only culinary Institute in the U.S. run by French natives. Academics at the school include four diploma programs and three associate degree programs with the option of specialty electives such as Hotel, Hospitality and Restaurant Management or Sommelier. The cooking school also recently opened a new Lenotre Sommelier Certificate for non-degree seekers. The fame of the Culinary Institute Lenotre grew from the success of its intensive hands-on training, small class size, and classic and innovative teaching from internationally experienced chef-instructors. The culinary school has five starts a year and schedules are adaptable to each student’s needs. For example, evening classes are offered to students who may work during the day. Students who complete a FAFSA may be eligible to receive financial aid through federal grants and loans as well as through institutional scholarships based on merit and need. CIL also provides free language classes for International Students. The Houston culinary school offers unique fast-paced courses. In as little as 50 weeks, students will receive the training necessary for a Culinary Arts Diploma, while those seeking an associate’s of applied science degree in Culinary Arts or Baking and Pastry Arts can complete their studies in just 60 weeks. It also has great on campus features such as an on-site gourmet restaurant using classical French techniques, Le Bistro allows the students to showcase their new found abilities, while using primarily Texas grown and locally sustainable goods.



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