AzTech College was created in 1969 to offer creative young people an alternative to the traditional college setting, in which they can learn to transform their inherent creative design skills into rewarding, high-paying careers. Today, AzTech College is among the most respected CAD training institutions in the America. AzTech’s success is the result of its comprehensive, quality approach to education. 

With college prices soaring, and the need to become a wage-earner more pressing than ever, many creative people elect to pursue careers that require fewer skills, and as they later find out, offer less job satisfaction, opportunities for advancement, and lower earnings than they anticipated.

Whether your choice of careers is in computer-aided design or in any other field,make certain that the people who will train you are the best in their industry, and willprovide you with the mastery of skills that lead to long term-success.

If you think you could be one of the next generation of CAD professionals, contact AzTech College. We’ve built our reputation on providing people – people just like you – with quality CAD educations and career preparation assistance.

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Aztech College
941 South Dobson Rd.
Suite 120
Mesa 85202






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