The Atlas Barber School provides training to its students to prepare them for a “Master Barber Examination”. New York State law allows any person who has completed a course of study of 500 hours, in a school of barbering approved by the Board of Regents, to take a Master Barber Examination.

The Atlas Barber School also offers the Contagious Diseases Course, which is required for licensing in New York State. Appointments are recommended for new student registration and required for current students who wish to graduate.

The history of Atlas Barber School goes back to 1948. At that time, the school was formed and housed at 87 Third Ave, New York City. Mr. Leo Galletta was the Director of the school, and as the Director he was a dedicated educator convinced that barbering is a skill that required expert training and dedication to the principles and practices of the trade. He believed that the practice of barbering is a skill which should be treated with dignity and respect. Mr. Galletta was a recognized professional in the field.

During Mr. Galletta’s administration he was an International Judge in the barbering industry. Contestants came from all over the world to participate in this event and to demonstrate their skills in barbering. Mr. Galletta held multiple trophies for all his hard work in this industry. Mr. Galletta received numerous commendations from Federal and State agencies for his teaching abilities. He worked for the Broadway Master Barber Association and through this association; Mr. Galletta worked with the unions.

Many former students visited the school and sought out Mr. Galletta – just to say hello, and to thank him for all he had done for them by helping them to make a living in the industry of barbering. In 1988, Atlas Barber School moved to more modern air-conditioned facilities at its present location at 34 Third Avenue, which is located between East 9th and East 10th Street (on Third Avenue), New York City.

School Policies

Progress training reports
Students are graded monthly on permanent records forms. These forms are in the student folder.
The grading system is as follows:
A = 91% – 100%, B = 81% – 90%, C = 71% – 80%, D = 61% – 70%, F = 60% or lower, I = Incomplete.

Leave of absence
A leave of absence will be granted for valid reasons. Requests must be in writing and will be acknowledged in writing by the Director. Students who are granted a leave of absence may be considered for re-entry following an interview with the Director. The decision of the Director is final.

Student dismissal
Students will be dismissed from the school for non-payment of tuition, insufficient progress, loud and rude behavior to patrons, fellow students or school staff. Excessive absences and lateness, and failure to meet the rules and regulations of conduct as published herewith may also cause dismissal.

Student’s voluntary withdrawal
Students may withdraw from the school by:
a) notifying the school in writing or,
b) appearing at the Director’s office indicating the wish to withdraw.

Students who are absent for 10(ten) days consecutively without good cause and who have not notified the school will be considered to have voluntarily withdrawn. In all cases, for refund calculation, the student will be considered to have attended the school from the first to the last date of actual attendance.

School facilities
Atlas Barber School is located in the downtown, east side area of New York City. It is convenient to all subways and buses. The school is located on the first floor of a modern building and complies with New York City requirements of building occupancy, fire and health. The practical area is equipped with 13 barber chairs, sinks, mirrors, cabinets, and patron waiting area. The practical area is opened to the public to provide students with experience. The entire area is air-conditioned.




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