More Than Just a Massage School
All of us at Solex believe that your decision to pursue a career in the healing arts is a very important one. Massage is both a healing art and a science. Balancing the two requires a unique individual.

Solex is more than just a Massage school. Our educational approach is holistic - committed to honoring the spirit as well as the body and the mind. This holistic approach integrates an understanding that there are physical, mental and emotional/spiritual components that impact client treatment. This provides the conceptual framework for the organization and structure of the massage therapy program, balancing technical studies in massage, anatomy and physiology with the development of each student's creativity, graceful movement and capacity for compassionate touch.

We offer you a healthy learning environment and dedicated instructors who recognize the individual needs of each student. We will continue to expand and ever-improve our programs to enable students to build confidence in their skills, develop their individual styles and their ability to assess and address client needs.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is a rapidly growing profession that offers a wide variety of opportunities for the motivated and talented practitioner, being the third most popular alternative therapy after relaxation techniques and chiropractic.

Massage Therapy has a range of applications and treatment goals: muscular and general relaxation, stress reduction, pain management, recovery from injury, health promotion, etc. The successful practitioner must therefore be proficient at more than simple massage, he or she must understand the body and its functions, master a variety of techniques, and hone such skills as client assessment, communication and self-evaluation.

This 600 hr program addresses these concerns and will provide a student with a strong knowledge for a career as a professional massage therapist. Along with the hands-on skills, it'll present information regarding the structure and function of the body relevant to massage, the basic techniques used in therapeutic massage, considerations for the operation of the successful massage business and a review of a variety of specialized massage techniques (sports massage, chair massage, reflexology, etc.). A written examination is administered at the end of the course.
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