The Christine Valmy International School is committed to providing the finest education available. We prepare professionals with all the training they need to begin rewarding and lucrative careers. As the first institution for esthetics established in the United States, The Christine Valmy International School prepares students for the beauty industry, the business world and life.

Combining the tradition of European esthetics with the latest advances in biology, chemistry, herbology and nutrition, the Christine Valmy International School offers dynamic classes in skin care, makeup, nail artistry and spa treatments and cosmetology programs. Students get hands-on practice from their very first day of class. The professionalism of these future estheticians and beauty therapists is finely honed through instruction in the power of touch. Throughout the curriculum in our cosmetology programs, students are made keenly aware of the often-overlooked details that turn potential customers into regular clients. An education at a Christine Valmy International School, one of the finest beauty schools in New York, gives the future beauty professional all the tools and knowledge necessary for success in this multi-billion dollar industry. Our graduates are in the highest demand by beauty companies around the world.
Skin Care Esthetics
Manicuring & Nail Art
Beginning and Advanced Makeup
Specialization Seminars and Certification for Spa Treatments

If you'd like to study at one of the top beauty schools in New York, we encourage you to look into the cosmetology programs at the Christine Valmy International School.

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