Mellie’s Beauty College is dedicated to educating quality students with the fundamental knowledge to meet the present and future demands of the cosmetology industry.

The vision of Mellie’s Beauty College is to foster the development of competent, responsible, motivated individuals who receive a diploma in cosmetology related programs while in the pursuit of a beauty related career.

This course is designed to provide students with the life skills required to render professional services and to pass the state licensing examination, and to help gain employment by providing a thorough understanding of both the theoretical and practical skills of al l pertinent subjects with skin care and provide special emphasis on the application of cosmetics.  The overall objective of the course is to prepare the student for careers in the diversified areas of skin care including the cosmetic industry.

To develop the skills necessary in all phases of cosmetology and to prepare for the state board licensing examination while developing the entry level skills necessary for employment in beauty salons and other various cosmetology establishments.

The course is designed to prepare the student for the instructor state licensing examination in developing the skills to meet the different needs, interests and abilities of their students and promote learning that is based on the high standards of education.

Students will learn the purpose of nail care, equipment used and procedures to perform nail services.  How to recognize nail disorders and diseases are covered, along with the practices and importance of disinfection and contamination control guidelines for client protection as required by law.  The student will also be instructed in the application of artificial nails and nail extensions.  DESCRIPTION: A study of the basic principles of manicuring/nail technology that includes and provides the understanding of the structure and chemistry of the hands and nails with an emphasis on the technique and the structure of the hands and nails.  Students will be taught the ability to choose the correct cosmetics and how to properly apply them.  Also the course will provide for entry-level skills necessary to obtain employment and successful completion.


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