Barber Schools

A well-trained barber or hair designer can work at a salon or barber shop to provide customized services to clients. Over time, their skills and experience may allow them to work as an independent stylist or consultant. The essentials for a rewarding hair design career can be learned from a hair design school, barber college, or through a formal hair stylist training at a salon.

A barber school or college can help you become a certified barber in less than a year. Barber training will include learning to shampoo, cut and trim men’s hair, mustaches and beards. Most training will also cover allied tasks such as hair styling and maintenance of men’s wigs and toupees.

Barber schools train students to provide comprehensive hair and skin care services for men. While many skin care services can also be learned at a cosmetology school, barbering school can provide the basic training in this area to develop fundamental skills in the field. Many hair schools offer programs specifically for barbering, and students who complete a program in this area may be involved with:

  • Working at a barber shop
  • Using the latest razor styling techniques
  • Hair cutting, coloring, blow drying, and permanent waving services
  • Steam facials and facial massages
  • Traditional shaving and foam shaving
  • Hair and scalp conditioning
  • Advising clients on appropriate hair styles and hair trends
  • General administrative and housekeeping duties
  • Cutting, shampooing, and trimming beard, moustache and facial hair

Barber school grads can also be involved with additional services and products. For instance, they may also handle tracking inventory, supplies, and basic advertising. It is also their responsibility to advise clients on hair care, using hair products, and how to maintain their style. Longer duration programs offer complete training in all of these areas with additional knowledge about business and operations management.

Skilled barbers or hair stylists earn over $50,000 per year.
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