50 Top Careers Of The Decade

"50 Top Careers Of The Decade"

Top Career Choices

To say that the job market is in a state of flux is to state the obvious. For students and job-seekers however, this indicates the need to be clued in on the changes in the market and equip themselves for the best opportunities. In other words, it pays to be smart in planning your career.

Where are the jobs in this post-recession decade? Which occupations provide above-average salaries, job satisfaction and are likely to stay in demand for at least a decade? Bestofcolleges.com has been at the forefront of creating career awareness among students.

In keeping with the focus of this site, which career/vocational education, here we take a look at the hottest careers from the vocational education field for the 2010′s. Based on economic data, employment-growth projections and other soft factors like job satisfaction, these occupations provide a varied mix.

We are aware that no single job is the best for everyone, as the choice of a job depends on a variety of factors. Factors that make a job hot can change with the times and circumstances. For example, recent statistics show that job stability is a major factor that influences career choices. In an economy that went through a harrowing time of recession and attendant issues, this is understandable. This is bound to change as the economy picks up and the haunting memories of recession recede. Such factors notwithstanding, this list will be a useful starting point for students and job-seekers. Let us now take a look at the jobs one by one:


Sales Management

Film and Video Editing

Air-conditioning/Refrigeration Technician

Mutlimedia & Web Designing

Dental Hygienist

Lab Technician

Massage Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy



Court Reporting

Education Administration

Marriage & Family Therapy

Biomedical Engineering

Computer Engineering

Computer Support Specialist

Computer Networking

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