Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics

Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics, a division of Atlanta School of Massage, is a premier skin care school with a commitment to teach esthetics from a modern, holistic perspective. They are dedicated to providing quality esthetician education with highly trained instructors, a comprehensive curriculum, professionally equipped facility, and quality skin care products.

Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics, the leading skin care school in Georgia, offers a 1000-hour day or part-time comprehensive certification program including:

  • Esthetics Certification
  • Microdermabrasion Certification
  • Spa Therapies Certification
  • Foot Reflexology Certification

They are recognized as the leading esthetician school in Atlanta and Esthetician Certification Program is designed to ensure that students acquire scientific knowledge, technical skills, and treatment methods in order to provide professional skin care services to a diverse public.

The practice of esthetics has evolved from basic facial treatments and makeup artistry to sophisticated skin care practiced in diverse settings, including advanced medical esthetics centers. They promote and support that growth at their esthetician school through holistic


Esthetician Program

Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics offers an esthetics program that is accredited, comprehensive and based on a commitment to teach esthetics from a modern, holistic perspective. Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics is a recognized leader among esthetician schools in Atlanta and throughout Georgia.

Students are required to earn 485 treatment credits during the program. A treatment credit may be a facial, body treatment, makeup, hair removal or tinting application. Each esthetician training course includes a specific number of treatment applications that must be completed before continuing to the next course.

The clinic internship provides the opportunity to practice techniques and interactive skills, with the public, in a real- life setting supervised by a state licensed esthetics instructor. Their curriculum is designed to provide you with all the basic skills necessary to perform a facial, back facial, hair removal, or add-on-service by the end of the introductory esthetician course. You will have the opportunity to master your techniques as you continue to provide esthetic services to the public throughout your advanced training.

Microdermabrasion Certification

At our state of the art facility in Atlanta, the microdermabrasion training course introduces students to this non-surgical treatment that helps to remove the superficial layer of facial skin, resulting in improved appearance and feel of the skin. They offer microdermabrasion training and certification because this procedure has become an increasingly popular skin resurfacing choice because it is low risk and has a quick recovery time when compared with other techniques in this category.

Spa Therapies Certification

We will teach you to develop individualized spa treatment sessions, spa history, theories, therapeutic benefits, promotion and pricing. You will learn to operate and care for spa equipment, develop treatment plans, and practice creating custom treatments and corresponding spa menus.

This course from our Atlanta spa school is designed to train students in a comprehensive selection of body treatments including hands-on labs conducted in our teaching clinic. You will review indications, contraindications, therapeutic effectiveness, and treatment protocols for the most popular spa therapies offered in the United States.

Reflexology Certification

Reflexology training classes introduce students to a 5,000-year-old method of treatment that is becoming increasingly popular with today’s massage and spa clients. Skillfully applying thumb and finger pressure to the feet creates reflex effects that stimulate the natural tendency of the body to rebalance and heal itself. Restoring balance to the body can help relieve stress, relax tension and improve circulation. Students learn to perform a comprehensive reflexology routine, an aromatic reflexology treatment and to integrate these skills into an aromatherapy session.

Esthetician Career Possibilities

Esthetician career opportunities for well-qualified, licensed practitioners continue to grow. Graduates with certifications from nationally recognized and respected institutions will benefit in several important ways; given the rapid growth of the industry, the quality of instruction among schools varies widely – standards are being established through accreditation, but newer programs can’t match that of schools with decades of experience. As an established learning institution, students benefit from their knowledge and influence within the market. You only have to ask one of their graduates to learn how their certification from Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics opened doors, provided them with expert esthetician career opportunities, and helped them land better positions.

Vision & Mission

They are committed to excellence in aesthetician training. Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics is a division of Atlanta School of Massage which has been providing quality massage education for over 30 years, guided by their vision and mission statement.


To instill in each student, the marriage of informed honed skill and a giant heart of compassion, united by a spirit of service.


To teach alternative health care professions that nurture the development of a wellness lifestyle.


Named a 2004 School of Distinction by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), Atlanta School of Massage has been an international leader in massage therapy education for 30 years. Of the many massage schools operating in Georgia, they earned the honor of being the first authorized by the US Department of Education to offer Title IV funding and the first massage school in Georgia to receive accreditation by the ACCSC. They are still privately owned and operated and have maintained a caring family atmosphere.

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