Diman School of Practical Nursing

Diman is a regional vocational-technical high school located in southeastern Massachusetts, about mid-way between Cape Cod and Providence, RI. Their 16 vocational technical programs have over 1,300 students enrolled in grades 9 through 12. They are particularly proud of the accomplishments of our students in academic, vocational and extracurricular activities. We have competed in national events for SkillsUSA and have proven that Diman students are among the best in the nation in vocational-technical skill areas.

Their academic programs offer challenging coursework that has resulted in 99% of our 2008 graduates successfully passing the MCAS competency determination. Their honors classes more than adequately prepare students for college and overall academic pathways prepare all students for the “real world” experience of the workplace or the military.

Diman has many extracurricular activities for all students and they encourage all students to become involved in at least one activity during their high school career. As stated in our mission statement Diman is truly “developing the unique potential of each learner”.

Vision Statement

Diman RVTHS graduates will be occupationally skilled workers whose academic, vocational/technical, and workplace competencies will make them responsive to socioeconomic, technological, and environmental challenges in a complex and changing society.

Mission Statement

The mission of Diman RVTHS is to develop the unique potential of each learner by enabling students to acquire knowledge, skills, and dispositions that are needed to achieve personal, academic, vocational/technical, and civic goals.


1. To ensure that every student is given opportunity to develop his/her potential without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, or disability.

2. To provide state-of-the-art, integrated academic and vocational/technical programs which optimize the potential of each student and prepare them to meet the state’s performance standards.

3. To provide opportunities for students to acquire contemporary workplace skills such as communicating, organizing and analyzing information, solving problems, using technology, initiating and completing assignments, acting ethically and professionally, interacting with others, understanding the structure and dynamics of organizations, and taking responsibility for career and life choices.

4. To provide all grade 9 students with an opportunity to explore their interests in a wide array of trade/career options.

5. To provide counseling and assistance to students concerning social issues, employment and educational opportunities, and vocational orientation.

Graduation Requirements

In order to receive a diploma from Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School, a student must earn a minimum of 140 credits. A student must have passed three (3) years of Shop Related, four (4) years of English Language Arts, four (4) years of Math and three and one half (3 1/2) years of Shop receiving a passing grade of at least 65 in each subject. All students must pass the MCAS tests in the subjects required by the state of Massachusetts.

The balance of the credits necessary to total 140 credits may be acquired from other subjects in the curriculum. These requirements will differ proportionately for the students who enter at the 10th or 11th grade level.

Vocational Programs

There are sixteen technical programs at Diman R.V.T.H.S. Students work under the close supervision of competent instructors who stress the concept of learning by doing. The atmosphere in all of the shops, is one that simulates the real working conditions that are found in the trade.

Students who are conscientious and attend school regularly seldom have difficulty finding employment while still in school. A growing number of DIMAN students pursue a postsecondary education upon graduation. All vocational programs are open to both male and female students.

Co-operative Education

Diman employs a Co-operative Education/Work Experience-Job Placement Coordinator who actively seeks employment for students directly related for their trade. Co-op sites are approved by the schools Occupational Coordinator by agreement under the Massachusetts Department of Education and Division Occupational Education.

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