Lees School of Cosmetology

One of the top beauty schools in Arkansas, Lee’s School of Cosmetology has been training the elite cosmetologists for the State of Arkansas for over 30 years with sound principals and professional techniques forever updating and making it happen for you and the client. The minute you walk in the door of LSC you will sense the learning going on. They pride themselves in achieving excellent grades year after year for state board candidates at the state board exam. If you’re considering Arkansas cosmetology schools, look no further than Lees School of Cosmetology.

Lees have history. They have proven to their employers, the salons around town, that having an LSC graduate in their establishments will guarantee ethical business practices will be rendered, and professionalism will be practiced. They at Lees enroll small classes so that they can provide individualized and personalized attention to your questions. You deserve that, and that’s one of the many reasons why Lees is one of the most beloved Arkansas cosmetology schools.

You’ve found Lees School of Cosmetology, a real Arkansas cosmetology establishment because something is missing from your life. Whether it is a good job, financial stability, lack of excitement in the workplace or the need to have a flexible schedule, Lee’s is there for you. To make your dream a reality. Contact one of the most trusted beauty schools in Arkansas, Lees School of Cosmetology.

Lee’s School of Cosmetology explains to you their concept of learning, experiencing self fulfillment, exciting surroundings and most of all answers to your financial concerns. Lees also keeps their price for education real so that you can leave school ready to put your earnings into the things you want and need and leave school without a big debt. How about ROI?? Return on Investments. Yes, Lee’s will help you make an investment through Direct Student Loans for living expenses, and your return on your investment will multiply.

Programs Offered

Lee’s strives to offer the best training and tools to provide you with the latest tools and techniques needed for one to succeed in today’s Cosmetology world. At Lee’s School of Cosmetology they provide programs specifically to become a Cosmetologist and even programs designed to get you to the next level of being an instructor.

Lee’s School of Cosmetology has programs to meet your needs. The facilities, the tools, the techniques are all state-of-the-art and will have you ready to go out and perform your new role as a Cosmetology expert.


What Lees teaches in hair will be all that you need to know to be successful. As you enter into the world of Cosmetology you will be able to attend continuing beauty school education just about anywhere anytime if you so choose to do so. They encourage advanced cosmetology education. You find them sitting on the front row, or maybe even teaching a class because instructors are also platform artists and travel on the weekend to share their knowledge with others. Even the director of Lees is a national educator for the Simplex Learning Systems and travels around the U.S. to those schools who are impressed with what they hear about Lees and want their school to be a mirror of the professionalism and enthusiasm of Lees School of Cosmetology.

Instructor Training

As an instructor training student, you will learn how to teach the non-traditional student, the slow learner, the student that may have learning disabilities or physical limitations and of course the aspiring artist at heart. The sky is the limit for any student who applies himself to the artistic and business aspect of cosmetology. The instructor training student will learn how to properly evaluate a student in all phases of cosmetology. When an instructor trainee is licensed he or she will be allowed to work as a platform artist for nationally and internationally known product line, work in a science lab doing research for products, or work directly with a cosmetology school teaching students in any phase of Cosmetology.

Theory Class Room Training

Theory classes cover the Milady textbook, the leading textbook for cosmetology training with the Pivot Point and Master Educator series for support material. Lees is fortunate in having as their main support manual, Simplex Learning Systems created exclusively for Lees which allows the student to move at their own pace. If you are the type of person that needs to read and re-read a task explanation, Simplex Learning Systems is perfect for you. You will not be given a time deadline to finish a certain task before you are ready.

Lees pride themselves in having history and stability in the community and in the State of Arkansas. Also with a Lees license you can work anywhere in the State of Arkansas, and transfer your license to 30 other states in the U.S.

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