Helix Hair Academy

For the very fist time the famed Helix Hair Academy is proud to offer their professional online courses to the very best in the hair design industry.

The prestigious courses offered are aimed at giving hair designers the opportunity to earn their certification in an on-line stress free environment that features only the most up to date hairstyling methods, taking students further in their creative hair design.

The benefits from the Helix education are highly sought after in the hair design market. At Helix they make it their goal that their students understand the material they are being taught and each graduate gets a Helix Certification that proves they met the outstanding requirements of this organization. Do not hesitate if you are a hair professional. Let Helix show you that their education can boost your income and clientele annually!

Helix Hair Academy is an online resource for salon professionals committed to continuous growth and ongoing development of their technical cosmetology skills. Brought to you by one of the leading inventors and motivators in the professional cosmetology industry. The online cosmetology courses that Helix offers are designed to be affordable, interactive (24/7) and fun.

The salon online course content is selected from the best of Helix Academys leading technical education and delivered in an easy-to-use, web-based, on-demand format. Salon online courses are designed for the working professional and incorporate practical, salon-tested techniques.

Stylists can take online cosmetology courses any time and from any computer. The only requirements are an Internet connection and a Web browser.

Salon owners and managers now have a simple, affordable, measurable system to deliver continuing cosmetology education to more stylists, quickly assess new hires and customize training and development programs to address specific needs of individual stylists.

Other benefits include: Convenience: Participants can start, stop and finish on their own schedule. Affordability: Choose from a selection of enrollment plans or buy courses one by one.


What do you get by enrolling in Helix Hair Academy?

1. Instant Unlimited Access to All Courses In The Catalog
2. First-Class Beauty Training Available 24/7 from Your Computer
3. Powerful source of inspiration, motivation and new ideas
4. Official Certificates of course completion.
5. Huge money/time savings as you dont have to travel and pay for admission as with offline beauty courses and seminars

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