Empire Makeup Academy

EMPIRE ACADEMY OF MAKEUP is a Makeup Artistry School for individuals interested in pursuing a career as a Professional Makeup Artist. Their courses range from the Introduction level through Advanced Artistry for Television, Video, Film, Print, Runway, Bridal, & Special Effects. Whether you are a veteran artist seeking to expand your career in a new direction or you are interested in starting a career in makeup, their courses are designed to thoroughly prepare their graduates to excel in their chosen field.


Each course starts with complete theory and detailed lectures given by live Instructors (not previously recorded on video tape!) This allows all students questions to be answered and ensures that students comprehend the curriculum. Course literature will be distributed frequently and students are encouraged to take notes. Curriculum reviews and an occasional pop quiz help students consolidate the week’s theory as well as aid the Instructor in assessing students’ progress.


Most class days will begin with demonstrations by their Instructors in order to give students a practical introduction to the day’s curriculum. Live demonstrations include discussions on the products to be used and the techniques to be applied. Although formal techniques are taught, individual expression and creative interpretation are encouraged. Instructors give additional aid to our students by typically showing several options to achieve each step so that each student can experiment and find out what works best for them.


Once students have grasped the concept from the lecture and/or demonstration, the class receives hands-on practice time under direct supervision of the Instructor. During hands-on, each student receives one-on-one instruction based on his or her particular model. Most courses average 12 students so that everyone receives personal, undivided attention from Instructors. Students’ scores for daily hands-on makeup applications are maintained on a clipboard at their workstation. These scores are given by Instructors in order to keep track of grades and inform students of their progress.

Models Empire Academy

Models Empire Academy values the time and investment that their students devote to their education. Although students may practice on each other occasionally for some quick techniques, models are mandatory for most hands-on class time. This enables each student to maximize their hands-on time by gaining valuable experience working on live models. Therefore, being exposed to various face and eye shapes, skin types, ethnicities, etc. This ensures that Empires’ students double their practice time, instead of wasting half of their tuition cost sitting in a chair, modeling for a classmate. Students are solely responsible to supply their own models. However, the school has an extensive model contact list, if any student should need to find a model.

Whether your goal is to become a National Artist for a major cosmetic company, work with photographers, models, designers and magazines, work with celebrities and actors for stage, film, and television, work with musicians on music videos, work on clients referred by doctors and plastic surgeons or to start your own bridal makeup business, there will always be people who need makeup services.

Empires instructors are top industry professionals who share their real life experiences in order to help students learn from their mistakes. Industry terminology, portfolio building, how to make contacts and other self-marketing strategies are a part of every course to ensure success. Whether youre a veteran artist seeking to expand your career in a new direction or starting at the most basic level, our courses are designed to thoroughly prepare our graduates to perform in their chosen field.

Empire Academy of Makeup accepts enrollment only from those serious about a career in makeup. Students are held accountable for every lecture, demonstration and makeup application through written tests and daily hands-on grades. This allows students to see immediate improvement in their knowledge and application skills, generating confidence and enthusiasm for those who love makeup. Students who prove not to be committed are dismissed, enabling instructors to spend additional time with the serious students. There are other makeup schools, but no other offers the level of training, ethics, real-world experience and professionalism like Empire Academy of Makeup.

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