Jacksonville Beauty Institute

The purpose of The Beauty institutes is to develop professional Skin Care Specialist, Nail and Skin Care Specialist, Nail Technology and Cosmetologist of the Twenty- First Century. The Beauty Institutes understands the necessity of providing quality training to all of its students.

The Major goal of the Beauty Institute is to provide each student with an education that will:

  • Prepare them to successfully pass the Governing State Board of Cosmetology Examination with confidence and obtain licensure as a Skin Care Specialist, Skin and Nail Specialist and Nail Care Specialists.
  • Assist the students in career placement.
  • Aid in developing the students entrepreneurial skills.

Jacksonville Beauty Institute Inc. is incorporated in the State of Florida with Branch Campus locations through out the state.


The Beauty Institutes are modern, spacious, air-conditioned and, well-lighted building with ample off-street parking. The Beauty Institutes has a large well-equipped classrooms and an open clinic area with modern up-to-date equipment. The school facilities are specifically designed to provide students with an ideal learning environment.


The Beauty Institutes have all the equipment to properly training its students in all phases of the program. The Beauty Institutes complies with all provisions of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 in that no qualified handicapped person, by reason of the handicap, will be excluded from enrolling in any program of instruction.


The Beauty Institutes are accredited by the National Accrediting commission for Cosmetology Arts & Science. A Nationally recognized accrediting agency. 4401 Ford Avenue Suite 1300, Alexandra, Virginia 22302-1432, (703) 600-7600

PROGRAM GOALS: The Programs are designed to prepare students for the state licensing examinations and to obtain suitable employment upon graduation. Students enrolled in the course will be instructed in theory and Practical application. Upon course completion, the student will be prepared to work in all phases of the cosmetology industry.

PROGRAM FORMAT: Theory class is held for the entire hour which includes the assignment for next class, summary of the class taught, and announcements of any test which may be coming. With this method, the instructor is not limited to the amount of material they may cover in class and may take questions from the students all during the class. After each module is taught, a test is given and graded to measure each students knowledge concerning that particular subject. Grades are recorded in the students record. Any student failing a test is allowed to take a re-take test.

Nail and Skin Specialist course is designed to prepare students for the licensing and to obtain suitable employment upon completion. The Nail and Skin Specialist program consists of 600 contact hour’s of instructions. A diploma is awarded to a student upon successful completion of a graduation requirements listed in the catalog.

The Skin Care Specialist provides training in scientific principles and fundamentals relates to the structure and function of skin and proper procedures behind the use of skin care techniques including hair removal, waxing, basic therapeutic massage techniques and makeup artistry. The curriculum also includes training in aromatherapy, business and client development and the rules and laws essential for the Facial Specialist. The program prepares students to become a license Skin Care Specialist in the state of Florida. The registered graduate is qualified for entry- level employment as a registered Skin Care Specialist in the field of skin care.

The Braiding Program is designed to prepare students for licensing and to obtain suitable employment upon completion. The Braiding Program consists of 2 days, 16 hour of instructions.

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