Regency Beauty Institute

Regency Beauty Institute is one of the nations leading beauty education providers, with plans for continued expansion. Not yet available in a bottle or tube, success is the result of their commitment to helping students build confidence and achieve their dreams. At Regency, the commitment vibe is strong.

Generally speaking, they try to avoid words like typical, average, or the dreaded status quo. They make us cringe a little, and everyone knows cringing causes wrinkles. They value creativity, self-confidence, and excellence, and theyve put a lot of things into place to keep us focused on those noble qualities:

  • They have a unique learning system.
  • They have stunning facilities.
  • They have a Salon Partners network that includes industry partners who seek to hire their graduates.
  • They are able to maintain consistency across the nation by building one school at a time to Regency standards rather than by franchising.

Their headquarters are in Brooklyn Park, MN and employee count grows as they grow. They love seeing new faces. And hair. New hair is good too. Purchased by Maxims Beauty Salons back in the 1950s, the original Myndall Cain Beauty Academy became Maxims Beauty Academy. It was sold again in the 1980s, and renamed Regency Beauty Academy.

Their mission is to become the premier cosmetology institute in the world. Thankfully, they have a lot of people helping them get there. Their purpose is simple. It is all about their students:
They exist to help their students fulfill their dreams by seeking to understand them as individuals, delivering a strong technical platform and providing creative freedom.

Their promise is quite promising:
Through expert faculty, upscale facilities, and powerful training systems, they help students channel their creativity and launch successful careers.

They provide personalized, positive guest experiences and produce exceptional performers for their industry partners. And they have a set of guiding principles that oh-so-humbly remind us to hold ourselves to high standards without losing our sense of humor. Or style, for that matter.

At Regency Beauty Institute, they deliver the kind of personalized, positive guest experience that keeps you coming back. Visit after visit. Its part of the Regency promise. Their services are performed by supervised students (aka superstars-in-training), in a setting so nice youd never know it was a school. With an impressive list of hair, skin and nail services available at incredibly reasonable prices, they think youll agree its quite the find.

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