Careers in Treatment of Renal Diseases : Dialysis Technician

Dialysis is usually administered for patients whose kidneys do not function properly. Dialysis machine is otherwise called artificial kidney. Usually the Kidneys are responsible for the removal of wastes from our body via blood. If there is a renal malfunction & the two kidneys are affected, the wastes cannot be removed from our body. Thus there arises the need of an artificial device for removal of toxins. So a Dialysis machine is used to remove wastes from our body. Here, in most cases blood is passed through a tube of the machine, cleansed & flows back to the body. You may have to lie down 4 hours for the entire process. The processes have to be repeated almost three times a week.
You may have to go for kidney transplant, if there is depletion of function of kidneys. You cannot live on Dialysis for a prolonged time.

Dialysis technician– jobs & responsibilities

A Dialysis technician is responsible for the entire procedure of dialysis. Initially he should explain the entire procedure to the patients. Not all patients will have thorough knowledge of the procedure. The technician should then check the blood pressure, weight, blood etc of the patient. The technician is responsible for the handling, maintenance & sterilization of the dialysis machine. He should check the patients blood after the procedure to make sure there are no impurities left. He should be alert throughout the whole procedure to be aware of any vital signs of instability in the patient. Throughout the procedure, technician is under the supervision of a Nurse or Doctor.

Personal Qualifications

You should possess high emotional intelligence to deal with patients. You may have to stand for many hours, if you are performing more than one dialysis. Yet, you should maintain a stable rapport with the patient. The patient should feel free to discuss any problem related with the disease with you. But there should be an emotional distance. You are the connecting link between the patient & the doctor. The problems of the patient, which he does not convey to the doctor, he might disclose to the technician. The technician can pass this to the doctor orally or through the report.

Educational Qualifications

You should have some inborn interest in science, if you have to become a successful dialysis technician. Technical & mechanical aptitude also plays a significant role in this profession. You should have high school diploma or any other GED certificate for acquiring an admission for dialysis technician course. It is a 6 week 1 year course. This depends on the community or technical college you join. Some people complete it within 6 weeks & some take 1 year. Clinical experience is also undergone during practical sessions. You have to acquire a license certified by the Board of Nephrology Examination. The License has to be renewed every 2-4 years. For this you should join higher studies in this profession. You will get higher salary & good job opportunities only if you are updated in this profession.
Some of the subjects taught are Anatomy & Physiology of Kidneys, blood chemistry, complications of renal failure, Haemo dialysis devices, patient treatment procedures etc. The syllabus varies from one institution to another.

Areas of jobs

A technician can find job in hospitals, clinics, private residence etc. He can travel from place to place & even do freelancing.


The average annual salary is $30,000. 24,000 $ – 34000$ is the medium range. But in some states the salary is as high as 50,000$. It varies from state to state & depends on the experience of the individual.

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