Careers in Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases: Electrocardiograph Technicians.

Electrocardiogram is an instrument which is used by doctors to find out any variations in the usual rhythm of heartbeat. Small metals called electrodes are attached to the chest, wrist & ankles of the patient. Any patient who is suspected of heart disorders, have to undergo this test. The electrodes are connected via wires to a recording machine. The machine will record the electrical impulses of the heart, preceding the muscular contractions, in a graphical manner. This representation of electrical activity of the heart is called electrocardiograph. Here the functioning of the pacemaker of the heart is recorded. By analyzing the electrocardiograph many disorders of the heart like tachycardia, brachycardia, angina, cardiomyopathy, coronary thrombosis, cardiomyopathy etc can be diagnosed. Any deviation from the rhythm of the contractions of the heart chambers can be easily detected.

This test is generally painless to the patient & does not cause any discomfort. This is generally conducted in hospitals, diagnostic imaging centers & very rarely in a doctors office.

EKG(electrocardiogram) technician
is the person who prepares the patient mentally & physically for the procedure. The person takes the medical history of the patient, explains about the procedure & helps the patient to relax. The technician will fix the electrodes onto the body of the patient & will perform the entire procedure. The consultant/cardiologist will read the graph & diagnose the problem. He is an assistant to the cardiologist.

Educational Qualification
You can finish your high school diploma & join for the course in any technical college or community college. You should be proficient in Maths & Science as it is an added advantage. It is a 2-4 year course with internship training. Subjects taught are Biology, Physiology, Medical office procedures, computer training etc. In some other colleges Medical transcription, Phlebotomy, CPR(recovering from cardiac arrest) etc are taught. Any how you should have the necessary skill & technical knowledge after completing the course.

Even though certificate is not necessary, some prefer one. This is issued by the Cardiovascular Credentialing International. The License given is according to the laws of each state. Along with EKG course, you can do echocardiogram course for detecting the pumping action of the heart & stress test, which is done along with tread mill. If you have already done a paramedical course or any other health related courses & you have taken EKG technician course, then you will get a preference when you apply for a job.

Career Possibilities
If you are not a technical laggard, there are immense opportunities waiting for you. Wherever there is a cardiac patient & there is the need of an ECG, technicians are in demand. You are needed for connecting the machine, preparing the patient for the procedure &for conducting the procedure. You have to ensure that the EKG is working properly & the results are accurate technical wise. You have to consult the result with the consultant Cardiologist for him to prepare a report. A technician is appointed generally in Hospitals, Diagnostic centers, private clinics etc.

Job Remuneration
The average expected salary is $49,730. There are other states which pay as high as $70,690. The salary varies on each state & on your educational qualification & experience.

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