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Created by visionaries and great educators in the beauty industry, the “Be Nice” learning environment reaches out to all learning types with a focus on making the learning experience engaging, fun, and effective. Whether you are a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic, our environment is designed to draw out your creativity, making the learning process a series of exciting discoveries. At their school, there are no mistakes, only discoveries.

They are also proud of their “Be Nice” culture, which will enable students to develop successful personal and professional behaviors. Their vision is making each of their students a “Happy Future Professional”.

In their Cosmetology program, students learn the rules at the CORE level, learn to adapt the rules at the ADAPTIVE level, and learn to break the rules at the CREATIVE level. Building on a fifty-year tradition of cosmetology education, Magnolia School is dedicated to providing each student with the most advanced hands-on training, an artistic framework for hair designs, and a positive attitude needed for a rewarding career in cosmetology.

Whether you are considering cosmetology, esthetics, or manicuring arts, you are considering one of the most rewarding and flexible careers. A career in cosmetology could offer the following benefits:

  • Dynamic working environment
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Excellent earning potential
  • A wide range of career options

Hair Stylist/Cosmetologist
Magnolia School offers the Pivot Point designer cosmetology curriculum, which not only aims at developing students’ manual skills but also their artistic framework for hair designs. In addition to the development of technical skills, students are trained to be salon-ready through a program teaching salon professionalism, self-marketing and client relations. Students spend 450 hours training as freshman before being allowed to practice on clients in our full-service salon clinics.

Their Cosmetology Program is designed to provide you with a foundation for life-long learning and advancement in the field of beauty.

Cosmetology Instructor
The pre-requisites for enrollment in this course include a Cosmetology license and a record of success as a practicing cosmetologist, esthetician, or manicurist. The course of instruction incorporates both classroom instruction and practical teaching assignments designed to develop leadership, organization, ability and a methodology of proven teaching techniques to transfer and develop the skills necessary for student licensure and a successful professional career in the Beauty Industry.

Skin Care Artist/Esthetics
Magnolia offers an intimate learning environment where students get advanced, hands-on training using modern techniques. The school has a fully equipped skin-care studio complete with a professional library of material, concentrating on medical aesthetics. New classes start on the first Monday or Wednesday of each month, day and night, as prescribed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology.

Their skin care program offers extensive training in medical esthetics, including Micro-dermabrasion.

Nail Artist/Manicurist
Careers as nail technicians offer flexible work schedules, pleasant working conditions, and the opportunity to meet and service new people. Since people view nail services as a necessity not a luxury, licensed nail technicians have a bright career outlook.

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