Kalamazoo Beauty School

Empire Beauty School is a premier provider in cosmetology education. At Empire of Portage/Kalamazoo, as at any Empire school, you will learn all the latest trends of the beauty industry what styles are best for which length and texture hair, seasonal fashions like what’s in for the holidays, and of course all the skills it takes to create cutting-edge cosmetic designs. The best part is that qualified individuals in this field are in high demand. With a sluggish economy and a competitive job market, a career in cosmetology couldn’t be a better path to take.

Aside from being highly skilled and up-to-date on all the latest trends, Empire Beauty School students enjoy a lot of other perks as well. All students receive a kit of professional products and tools, build life-long relationships with instructors and clients, are provided with career planning guidance because the field is so vast, and much more. Financial aid is also available to those who qualify.

Typically, cosmetologists are creative, embrace new and unique styles, and enjoy challenging, but rewarding experiences. Cosmetology is all about improving another individual’s appearance, which in turn improves self-esteem, confidence, and ultimately overall success and happiness. It has been proven that self-esteem can impact health, self-image, and stress. Yes, that’s right, even hair stylists, make-up artists, and other types of cosmetologists can positively affect a customer’s health by finding and creating an appropriate style that fits the customer’s needs and wants.

Empire schools don’t just focus strictly on hair styling either. Empire of Portage/Kalamazoo offers licensure training in a broader area, cosmetology, as well as a Teacher of Cosmetology program. Possibilities in this field are endless, but some of the major career options range from hair coloring specialists, to salon and spa managers, to image consultants, and much more.

A day in the life of any type of stylist is never dull as the work allows you to express creativity, while at the same time providing you with a rewarding experience. The field is growing at a steady pace and options are endless. Empire Beauty School is an established institution that offers extensive training. This means we do not just provide books and instruction, but allow you to put your skills into action in the student salon with real, paying customers. The curriculum also incorporates training in salon reception and management, marketing and sales in order to give you the background you need to market products and services, build and maintain relationships with clients, and manage your own career with confidence and success.

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