Nursing Career- An Overview

Over the last few years nursing has been considered as an important and most preferred profession in health care industry. In nursing career its provide many an opportunity for nurses to spend their life joyously helping others or nursing them. This is a kind of profession that is different from others such that this is a mixture of Hi touch, care and technology. It gives both men and women an opportunity to develop their profession and personal satisfaction. Nurses are considered as health care professional working closely with Physicians, considered as an important part of patient health care team. Their main roles involve assisting the continuing medical process and provide cares to patient to make sure the quick recovery of the patient.

In terms of salary, Nurses are provided with a decent salary. Though, the compensation may differ as per the geographic location, years of experience and the type of nursing. Besides this, the benefit packages often include holiday pay, health insurance, childcare and pension plans. Now there are almost 2.5 million nurses in the clinical health care industry enjoying their roles and this is typically a kind of profession that offers different kinds of roles and big scope of responsibility. Now there are different types of nursing, nursing programs and different ways to obtain a degree in nursing.

LVN- A LVN is actually defined as a licensed vocational nursing. In other words, it can be defined as a nurse who has been licensed or attained the license by the particular state to perform and provide routine patient care. There are many states in the United States that generally use the word LPN or Licensed Practical Nurse instead of LVN. As an LVN, you can perform your duties in different work settings such as doctor’s office or surgical center, convalescent home and hospital. Besides this, most of your work will be performed under the direction of registered nurses (RNs).

RN- A RN is usually defined as registered nursing and basically makes up the majority of workers in the health care industry. In fact, a registered nurse holds a designation of priority over the LVN or LPN and is often responsible for passing on different assignments or tasks in a hospital environment. Working as a registered nurse, you could be responsible for providing a proper assistance to patients suffering from illness or injury. However, your income could be influenced by the experience and education you gain from the nursing college.

A degree in nursing plays a vital role and act as the foundation for a successful career in the field of health care. So, if you are looking forward to making a career in nursing, here is some important nursing degree you can obtain.

BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) – This degree is viewed as a nearly compulsory qualification in recent nursing careers. The Bachelor’s of Science in nursing degree is the first step towards establishing career in nursing. Mainly LPN’s prefer to carry on their education in a BSN program to attain a Registered Nurse (RN) certification. That allows many doors to open for career advancement in nursing. In this career program you can learn a lot more about management, the history of nursing, the theory behind nursing and how nursing fits into the rest of the health care environment. Upon successfully completing BSN degree, you can take a big step near a whole range of exciting nursing careers, like Nurse Practitioner or CRNA. In addition to all this, the key advantage of gaining a bachelor nursing degree is it aids you command higher salaries.

MSN (Master of Science in Nursing) – The degree in MSN trains students to handle medical situations in a better way. During this program, students are taught and trained about legal and ethical issues in clinical practice, nursing research, nursing in health care systems and many more. On successful completion of the Master of Science in Nursing, you can be efficient in handling the variety of tasks required by nurses. If we look at the present scenario, the rate of enrollment for MSN program is on the rise for nurse practitioner, as most physicians prefer for specialized practices instead of primary care.

If you aspire to get in to a new career, with no doubt you can join nursing career. Because the rewards are plentiful and long term career, and no other career provide so much satisfaction by helping and nursing others who always required your help.

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