Conflict Resolution Degree Programs

Conflict resolution is a constructive approach to interpersonal and inter group conflicts that helps people with opposing positions work together to arrive at mutually acceptable compromise solutions. Conflict resolutions are different methods adopted for raising or eliminating conflict. The term conflict resolution is also used interchangeable for dispute resolution or alternative dispute resolution. The methods of conflict resolution involve negotiation, meditation and diplomacy. Conflict resolution as a professional and academic practice is too sensitive to culture and ethos. With respect to western cultural context like as Canada and the United States, the conflict resolution includes fostering communication among disputed party solving and drafting agreements tries to reach at win-win solution with a mutually satisfying scenario for every person involved there.

Since 1998, the number of universities providing degree in conflict resolution has significantly increased, considering that at that time there were only thirteen of them providing the degree in USA. Popularity being enjoyed by this degree today is great and researchers have emphasized the importance of this program to enter the dispute resolution field. Students have attributed their love for this program to the practical experience that they are set to gain through internships, the interdisciplinary nature of the courses besides flexible learning options on offer. This is a degree which allows the holder to fully participate in the peace building in both post conflict and other conflict societies

Some of the courses studied here allow those pursuing this degree to analyze some of the overt and systemic violence causes, human rights and peace building, skills that enable them develop deeper understanding of any complexity emanating from a conflict situation. Peace studies are a core component of this degree course, bearing in mind that its main aim is to ensure that trainees are able to handle any conflict scenarios, understand the impact of non violent movements and the skills aimed at developing relationships which are cooperative. Philosophy is another great course when it comes to Conflict Resolution Degree programs.

It goes a long way in making sure that students are able to understand the cultural basis of belief systems and any other existing theories. Other than developing alternative research methods, students here are able to develop critical thinking besides also being able to develop analytical skills. It is important to note that with the unfolding new dimensions in conflict resolution strategies, conflict resolution degree courses have been undergoing great changes aimed at bringing them at par with the current situation.

Students are as well trained on how to shape social structures and policy. Those who enroll for such a course are taught how to develop alternative peace making approaches and whether or not they are applicable to the current situations of conflict. It is important to note that holders of such degrees often land themselves jobs in the private sector, government, and other non profitable organizations as well. It might appear as if a holder of this type of degree is not going to be able to hold a managerial position but they do, and these are in form of organizing people into team work, schedule time and allocate tasks. Students here are also trained on how to be great planners.