Davenies School

Davenies is a busy and purposeful independent school for boys in Beaconsfield. They are very proud of what they offer and the way we educate pupils. They benefit from a broad range of experiences, a staff that is dedicated and enthusiastic and an attractive site which offers exceptional facilities.

The principal aim at Davenies is to encourage the pursuit of excellence and the development of the whole person in a caring, supportive environment.

They do this by adopting a thorough, expansive and imaginative approach to all aspects of school life. They seek to instill in the boys a sense of curiosity and confidence so that they can drive their own learning and make the most of their ability, wherever it lies.

At Davenies they place particular emphasis on developing caring children who do not merely put themselves first, but who know how to behave appropriately and considerately. Ultimately, they recognize that they are not only preparing the boys for successful entry to senior schools, but also for life outside and beyond school.

Education should be exciting and Davenies is an exciting school. The boys find success in many areas, both on the sports field and within the classroom. The facilities are excellent, the class sizes small and the site attractive. However, just as we endeavor to help each boy progress and to make the most of the opportunities available, as a school we are constantly looking for areas where we can continue to build upon the excellent education we offer.


Davenies is a day preparatory school for boys between the ages of 4 and 13. Whilst the school offers a thorough education which stretches each child, they endeavor also to offer a broad education so that the boys experience many opportunities in and outside the classroom. There is a range of academic ability in the school, but want each boy to discover what he enjoys and where he has talent whilst developing the determination and confidence to tackle the areas where he may be less adept. Davenies is a very friendly school run on Christian principles which welcomes children from all faiths or none. It emphasizes manners, courtesy and good behavior. Ultimately our aim is to lay the foundations for life, as well as to prepare the boys for the challenges of their next schools.


Davenies is ambitious for each boy. They are ambitious for what he achieves in the classroom, the arts and on the sports field. They are ambitious for the person he develops into: well behaved, courteous, confident and thoughtful.


Davenies School seek to achieve ambitions for the boys through:
Expecting each boy to be well behaved, courteous and respectful
Creating a school which is friendly, caring, safe yet purposeful
Providing a broad, stimulating and challenging curriculum, both in and out of the classroom, to inspire and engage the boys
Realizing each boys full potential through high expectations and by nurturing his talents
Promoting an environment of mutual respect which enables every person to fulfill the schools motto: each striving for the common good