Toronto Aesthetics and Hair Design College

As founders of the Toronto Aesthetics Hair Academy and with 25 years of experience in the beauty industry, Toronto Aesthetics and Hair Design College is passionate about the business and continuously exhibit tremendous vision …… a vision that now includes dedication to an educational opportunity that will help launch future industry talents.

The 21st century brought about a huge increase in human awareness of personal beauty and body care. Demand for qualified professionals in this field is at an all time high and still growing.

Their facility incorporates State of the Art Technology and Training Techniques to ensure graduates are given the best possible career preparation in their selected area of interest. Their training also provides you with a balance of theory and actual hands on experience with clients.

The Aesthetics program was designed with fun practical methodologies to promote learning and infuse confidence.
Graduates become technically proficient in Facials, Manicures, Pedicures, Waxing, Threading, Body care, Make-up, Ear Candelling and Henna applications. In addition they have the business skills necessary for success in Canada’s growing industry of Make Up and Aesthetics.

Skin care: Provides you with an in-depth knowledge of skin history, Physiology,Anatomy,skin Analysis, skin types and skin gland disorder. Learn different facial treatments for different skin types .Massage techniques for relaxation and skin detoxification.

Nail care: Manicurists and Pedicurists students review anatomy and physiology of hands and feet. For nail diseases and disorders, students learn the proper sanitization, disinfection and sterilization methods .Massage techniques for hands and feet, And nail polish application. Students also learn Paraffin Treatment and Gel Nail Technology.

Waxing & Threading: Waxing & threading are the popular methods of temporary hair removal. Students learn the anatomy of the hair and stages of hair growth .Tools, techniques and different types of wax are examined for temporary hair removal.

Eye lash Extension and Eyebrow Tinting: Teaches you the application procedure and color combination.

Body care: A review of basic anatomy and physiology of muscles, bones, circulatory and lymph systems. It teaches full body relaxation massage, body exfoliation and body wraps.

Make-up Artistry: Provides you with knowledge about color theory & color combination. Students learn how to use corrective make-up effectively for different shapes and features of the face.

Program Objective
the world of hair design is forever changing, fast paced and very exciting, full of variety, challenges and opportunities. A career in hair design requires enthusiasm, energy and a strong basis of knowledge in the fundamentals of hair art, science and design.

Students learn practical skills on a mannequin first and then students can master it on a live model. Extensive practical training develops confidence in students to be thorough in working on diverse clients.

High School Diploma
C.A.S.T exam
Fluency in English

Course Curriculum

Basic Fundamentals
Professional image & ethics, Health & Safety, Principles of Infection Control & Practice, study of the skin, scalp & hair, anatomy & physiology, basic chemistry & electricity, bacteriology, properties of the hair & scalp, sanitation, disinfection & sterilization, shampoo, rinsing & conditioning.

Laser Hair Removal and Laser Safety Training

Their highly trained staffs lead you through an informative session on laser hair removal and laser safety. Provides you with knowledge for correctly administering transmitted energy, pulse duration and wavelength prognosis of hair growth.

The basics of Hair removal
Treat different skin types
the different phases of hair growth
Safety & Laser hazards


Student will understand skin resurfacing by exfoliation of the outer layers of the skin. This is accomplished by a computerized machine which projects inerts crystals in a fine layer over the skin. The growth of collagen and elastin is enhanced, while encouraging new healthy cell growth and reducing scarring and wrinkles.

Sun-damaged skin
Skin discoloration
Stretch marks

Photo Rejuvenation

Photo rejuvenation (Non surgical facelifts) is a process of a light therapy. Combination of the lights, micronized currents and low level H. F.polarized current. It offers students the ability to treat wrinkles, premature ageing of the skin, skin impurities, acne and enlarged pores; with the light therapy, micronized and polarized current.

Improves texture of the sun- damaged skin.
Aids in control of the acne.
Rejuvenation of the skin.