Online Pharmacy Technician Degree Programs

Pharmacies are incredibly busy on a regular basis as many Americans need prescriptions filled. Work can pile up quickly and many times it is too much for pharmacists to handle by themselves, hence the need for work relief from a pharmacy technician. Online degree programs are provided by a number of schools to teach students how to perform specific duties inside the workplace.

To fully understand what a pharmacy technician does students need to know what pharmacists do.

Pharmacists work with patients and their doctors by providing extensive information on prescriptions.
Once a plan is set for a particular patient then a pharmacist mixes specific ingredients in the correct dosage to make a prescription. This process is known as compounding.
A pharmacy technician provides assistance by working with patients, blending ingredients, and giving out medications. Other areas of work include working directly with insurance companies and performing basic administrative duties.
Online education focuses in on these aspects through courses on how to handle medications and specific duties like billing. Earning an education has become the overall standard in the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmacy Technician Schools, colleges, and universities offer programs for beginning careers as Pharmacy Technicians (Pharmacy Assistants, Pharmacy Office Assistants). Students will learn drug preparation and distribution responsibilities, recording and managing skills, and skills for patient care. Pharmacy Technicians may perform many of the same duties of a pharmacist; however, their work is overseen by the attending pharmacist.

Online education is available through a diploma, certificate, or associate’s degree program.

Each program focuses on preparing students to handle job required procedures in order to work successfully.
General knowledge is acquired through a diploma or certificate. These programs are beneficial for students who can’t dedicate two years of study to earn an associate’s degree and want to enter the professional workplace quickly.

Earning an associate’s degree is quickly becoming the industry standard to become eligible for work. Many students enroll in associate of arts degree program with a concentration in pharmacy practice or a related area. These types of programs give students on overview of many academic disciplines that include:

social sciences
and mathematics

Industry subjects like pharmacy calculations and pharmacy practices join these general education subjects. Students learn the basic math skills required to handle medication measuring and mixing. Topics in a pharmacy calculations course cover:

drug labels
and procedures

Earning an associate’s degree may increase job prospects and earning wages.

Qualified Pharmacy Technicians will assist in the preparation and distribution of medications. Courses will prepare Pharmacy Technician students for the examination by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board National Exam.

Career opportunities for skilled pharmacy technicians are increasing. Graduates will be qualified for employment in many health care/prescription drug-related environments; in particular: pharmacies, hospitals, nursing homes, and drug companies.