The Basics of Dental Assistant Training

People who work in dental offices have a variety of responsibilities and duties. They help with patient care, have laboratory duties and also help with office work. They help prepare patients for dental care and also work alongside the dentist during procedures. Dental assistant training is a good way to learn the skills that will help you get a job in this field.

There were about 280,000 dental aide careers in 2006. About 1/3rd of all these are part time. Careers in this field are expected to increase much faster than the average for all occupations Job prospects are excellent and opportunities for those entering the field will be abundant.

The program involves study on subjects such as microbiology, anatomy, pharmacology and physiology. As these subjects are quite theoretical, you may find yourself to be easily bored. Be disciplined and determined though to complete the study. This is because the study of these subjects will form a foundation for your certification examination.

Dental assistants are responsible for a variety of tasks that can be learned with an online school or college. Students who wish to obtain a career in the dental field can prepare by enrolling in an accredited online program. Dental assistants are responsible for helping patients and assisting dentists with a number of duties. Students will have the opportunity to learn various skills such as:

taking medical histories and x-rays
casting dental impressions
answering phones
scheduling appointments

…and more. Online studies will allow students to gain the knowledge needed to work for individual practices, periodontics, group practices, pediatric dentistry, orthodontia, and other specialty areas.

There are many dentist office worker training programs across the United States that are approved by the Commission on Dental Accreditation. Most of these are year long programs that lead to a certificate or diploma. These programs would include time in both the classroom and laboratory. There are two year programs at junior and community colleges from which you will graduate with an associates degree.

Some states require these dental office employees to be license or registered. Many states also require continuing education to maintain your license or registration. The CDA credential is recognized or required in many states. There are at least twelve states that have no formal licensing or certification requirements. It is best to check with the appropriate state board to find out more about licensing and certification requirements in your state.

To be a good employee in this industry you should possess a few basic traits and skills. You should be organized, reliable, work well with others, have a pleasant manner with patients (who may be very nervous), and have good manual dexterity. It is best to have good office skills as many dentists need their assistants to also perform these duties.

The job market for dental assistants looks great for the near future. Finding a good program for training will help you learn the skills to make you a marketable commodity. Once in this field, you will earn a good living while working as a medical professional.