Certified Nursing Classes

Certified Nursing Assistants are in charge of monitoring and tending to patients in a health care setting. Since CNA’s must be highly trained in that area, they must take classes, which are available online or at an educational institution. To reach CNA certification, it usually takes around six to twelve weeks.

CNA classes online are ideal for those who want to earn their certification in a short amount of time. Being able to earn their certification from home is also another plus of offering this class online. Prospective CNA’s will enjoy being able to take their classes from the comfort of their own home and their classes will not conflict with their daily schedule because they will be able to schedule when they are going to take their class on their own.

One can enter the medical profession without becoming a doctor. That can be done by attending the certified nurse assistant classes and becoming a certified nurse assistant. In this we will read more about the eligibility requirements to join certified nurse assistant classes, what are the topics that will be covered in the certified nurse assistant classes, duration of the certified nurse assistant classes, competency test and certification and finally the job prospects once you complete the certified nurse assistant classes.

To join these classes basic qualification is sufficient. Prospective nurse assistants must have a minimum qualification which is high school diploma. The other qualification is the student should be patient and compassionate to handle the sick and injured patients. If the above conditions are satisfied then the assistant is the right career option.

CNA classes are also given at community colleges, universities, etc. CNA classes involve instructional as well as hands-on training to help you become more familiar with the work of a nursing assistant. These classes are given both day and night, to ensure flexibility. Taking a class in a school or business setting will give you the opportunity to actually work in a hospital setting so that you will learn firsthand the job of a CNA.

The practical training session includes training the student in ambulation assistance, oral care, bedpan use, feeding, dressing, giving a bed bath, serving water and food, nail care, performing motion exercises. Once this is done the classroom session begins. The classroom session will consist of the following study of basic anatomy, study of the function of the body and structure of the body, study about infection control, CPR, nutrition, communication skills, documentation skills, learning medical terminology.

Once the certified nurse assistant classes are over, to get the certification the student has to clear the competency test. The test also consists of a written and practical session. In the written session questions will be asked on subjects and matters that are dealt in the class. The practical session will consist of dealing with the patients directly under the supervision of a registered nurse or a Licensed practical nurse. Here the supervisors might ask the student to do anything from changing the bedpan to weighing the patient. They might even notice minute details as to whether the student washes the hand properly, whether student does the job in a neat and orderly manner, whether the student is attentive and patient etc. It is vital to clear both the writing and the practical test to obtain the certification. Once the student clears the test they get the certificate that they are a certified assistant.

After completing the certified nurse assistant class and after obtaining the certificate the nurse can practice in any hospitals or private homes or any other medical facility.