Alternative Medicine Schools Offer a Profitable Career

‘According to the World Health Organization it is estimated that between 65 to 80 percent of the worlds population (about 3 billion people) rely on traditional (alternative) medicine as their primary form of health care.”

It is also estimated that the amount of revenue generated from alternative medicine will be a staggering trillion dollar industry with-in the next decade.

Our societies are no longer relying on harsh drugs and high priced medical prescriptions as their only answer to health issues and disease management. Because of these statistics alternative medicine schools have become more popular than ever verses traditional medical schools that teach the less desirable harsh methods of healing. More people than ever are currently seeking out Master Herbalists, Holistic Health Practitioners, and Alternative Medical doctors.

Alternative Medicine provides services not available through conventional medicine methods, incorporating spiritual, metaphysical, and religious traditions, along with emerging methods of treatment and healing. Alternative Medicines include naturopathy, acupuncture, acupressure, homeopathy, chiropractic, hydrotherapy, massage therapy, and many other therapies and medicines that are designed to restore and maintain good health.

The primary principle of holistic Alternative Medicine is that a pathogen, a virus or bacteria, for instance, is not the cause of illness, but rather that illness is the consequence of the body’s reaction to the pathogen. Naturopathic and holistic Alternative Medicine practitioners treat their patients with methods that alleviate the symptoms of the disease. Various Alternative Medicine methods are effective in treating a wide range of major and minor medical conditions, and research has proven that specific alternative treatments are effective. Research shows that there is a growing demand for Alternative Medicines, and that many conventional physicians support aspects of Alternative Medicine.

Alternative Medicine promotes patient empowerment; psychic and spiritual growth; and mental, emotional, and physical health. Alternative Medicine teaches the positive effects of good nutrition and the intake of supplemental vitamins and minerals, and uses of plants, herbs, and animal and mineral products that treat illness and promote health.

One of the greatest benefits besides a financially rewarding career as an alternative medical doctor is that alternative medical schools are far less expensive to attend, you are not required to attend an actual university, you can study from home, you will graduate much faster, you can take an optional clinical internship after graduation, and your education will be superior.

So if you are interested in tapping into the trillion dollar alternative medicine industry then really consider an online college as your first choice.