Nursing Courses

The profession of nursing covers a large area of the health care sector. However, this job seems to be exciting, but it is challenging as well as it includes pan optic responsibilities that are directed towards patients’ care and treatment. A loving, dedicated and gentle nature are more important and necessary requirements, rather than the on-paper qualification, to become a nurse. One should have immense patience to efficaciously take care of the physically weak, injured, infants, old patients, and also mentally challenged patients. A good physical strength and stamina would be an addition to the performance of this physically demanding job.

The profession of Nursing has always been considered limited only up to assisting the doctors whereas there is a wide variety of specializations and dynamic salaries offered as per the specialization. The nursing field is a vast arena with different types of nursing careers including general nursing (GN), general nursing midwife (GNM) and male nursing (MN), etc. Other fields of specialization in nursing may include renal therapy, emergency room nursing, or surgical nursing.

As these nursing skills and knowledge are not in-built and nor can be learn t on your own, so it requires you to undergo some specialized training to learn all the skills and knowledge in order to work as professional nurses. Completing a course in nursing may lead to job opportunities as a general nurse on duty or work in hospital, nursing homes, and specialized nurses, etc. and your job profile may deal with surgical cases, maternity patients or pediatric cases. Following the rapid development in this sector, nursing education and care has also been constantly improving. A nursing course can be joined right after passing your X or XII standard, although the course duration will vary accordingly.

Some of the exciting facts that make nursing profession better than few others are that there are no monotonous feeling arising from this job compared to other jobs where one needs to stick behind the desk for 9-10 long hours a day staring at the computer. Next good thing is that nurse gets chance to interact with many different people on a daily basis. Job opportunities are much higher than any other profession as one or the other place always keep hiring new nurses offering them a better salary package. But still, one should never forget that this profession is very much physically demanding.

After the 10th standard, one can seek admission on merit-basis in the 18-month auxiliary nurse midwife course or multipurpose health worker courses. And after 12th, you can also pursue a three-year diploma course in general nursing or a B.Sc in Nursing from any of the esteemed nursing colleges in India. The admission procedure in this course includes an entrance exam in which students from science backgrounds are mostly preferred. Apart from these courses, there are also certificate courses available for various specializations in nursing such as general nursing (GN), general nursing midwife (GNM), and male nursing (MN). Most of the people are living with a misconception that nursing courses are only meant for women, whereas the fact is that a nursing course has seats for male candidates too.

Other than the multiple jobs performed by nurses, their daily job requires observing the condition of patients and then informing the doctors of the daily progress report or in case if there is any emergency with the patient. However, the demand for nurses is now not limited only within India, it has gone worldwide and is offering lucrative jobs in Gulf and western countries as well.