Life University School of Chiropractic

Founded in 1974, Life University has a long history of being recognized nationally for its innovative chiropractic program and commitment to providing a high-quality undergraduate and graduate education at an affordable price. Life University has the distinction of being Georgias only highly selective chiropractic college and boasts superior programs in the fields of biology, bio psychology, business administration, computer information management, dietetics, life coaching, nutrition, psychology, and sport health science.

Their Purpose is to provide students with the vision to fulfill their innate potential, the inspiration to engage in a quest for self-discovery, and the ability to apply a principled approach to their future roles as leaders in humanitarian service and as citizens in their communities.

From its founding in 1974 as a college of chiropractic, Life University has embraced the idea that humans are spiritual beings whose lives are directed by universal laws including the natural, vitalistic, innate ability to develop, heal and adapt as long as the body is kept free of interferences. Their approach has been to graduate highly skilled chiropractors who can correct those interferences and can educate their patients to accept responsibility for their own good health.

Lifes Promise
With its vitalistic vision, clearly defined performance proficiencies and measurable criteria for success, a Life University education will produce leaders who exemplify humanistic values and, in a world where change is constant, provide innovative approaches to direct that change to elevate society and evolve its health care system.

The Mission of Life University
The mission of Life University is to empower each student with the education, skills and values needed for career success and life fulfillment based on a vitalistic philosophy. The Universitys undergraduate, graduate and professional programs – each one committed to excellence in teaching, learning, research and the overall student experience – offer a vision and the promise for a meaningful life, the proficiencies necessary to achieve optimum personal performance and the wisdom to become transformational leaders in an increasingly diverse, global and dynamic world.

Life University faculty, students and staff share a strong respect for the wonders of the human body. Their vitalistic philosophy recognizes the inborn healing abilities of the body and the inner wisdom that regulates it in a state of health. Interestingly, this philosophy doesn’t show up only in our health care majors. It manifests itself throughout the curriculum and even in our administrative decisions. In fact, their commitment to true health is actually what prompted us to become one of the first 100 universities in the nation to join the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment to address global warming.

They admire the inner-directed life that respects the unique qualities of each individual and nurtures mutually healthy relationships. Life University expects and fosters personal responsibility and integrity so that each of them takes ownership of their decisions and their impact on others. Life University see their personal relationships, our campus community and our world as an interconnected web that can advance personal and community health and peak performance for all aspects of our society.