Cannella School of Hair Design

A private for-profit school with 225 students enrolled. This school is one of the 77 schools located in Chicago, Illinois. Chicago is a metropolis with about 2,900,000 residents in the state of Illinois.

The student population in Chicago contains about 240,000 students attending college. Out of the 271 Illinois colleges, there are at this time 77 schools providing post-secondary degrees within the city. Median cost of tuition for Chicago colleges is $17,000 which is a bit higher than usual annual tuition cost in Illinois and pretty high in comparison with national rates. Whether you would like to get a 2-year technical degree or a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree program, we suggest trying to find a college in Chicago, IL that has the discipline you want to major in. With lots of students looking for a college, deciding on a degree program to study is possibly one of the biggest choices that they make in college.

Based on the college crime information, Cannella School of Hair Design at Archer seems to be a safe school. Cannella School of Hair Design at Archer is a private for-profit school in Chicago, Illinois with about 230 students.

Our Safety Report for this school is based on the US Department of Education 2009 public data sets for various categories of violent and non-violent crimes committed on-campus over the last three years. Based on our analysis of the government numbers, Cannella School of Hair Design at Archer is a safe place to stay. American School Search gives this school grade “A” on safety. From the perception of the data, this campus experiences no significant crime problems.

Cannella School of Hair Design at Archer will give you the opportunity to receive a 1-year certificate. Cannella School of Hair Design at Archer deploys a continuous curriculum calendar system and offers 2 disciplines including Cosmetology.

This school helps students to evaluate their career options and to find a full-time job upon graduation. At present there is no on-campus housing at Cannella School of Hair Design at Archer. The mission of the Cannella Schools is to provide training in cosmetology and cosmetology instruction to qualified students, and to assist graduates in achieving entry-level job placement in a related field.