Administrative Graduate Schools

If you have obtained a Bachelor’s Degree, but would like to continue your education, you will want to apply to a Graduate School. Graduate degrees in the U.S. come in two forms: Master (MA or MS) and Doctorate (PhD). Both options require students to perform research and concentrate their studies on a particular subject of choice. Graduate Schools expect students to be well-prepared in their field and be able to direct their own courses of study to some measure, with the advice and input from faculty.

A degree in educational administration and supervision is usually offered at the masters or doctoral level. It can be considered as one of the few degrees that provide the opportunity to have both academic and practical knowledge in relation to public relations and matters in relation to school administration.

Students most often choose to attend Graduate School in the traditional manner on a campus, where learning experiences are shared with colleagues and faculty. This gives the student a fuller experience in their formal education. Online Graduate Schools, however, are becoming a strong force in the academic world. Online educational experiences compare favorably with campus-based schools, with the option to communicate with classmates and faculty through online classroom discussion and email.

Most colleges and universities offer a full range of disciplines in their Graduate School programs. Business schools are among the most popular of Graduate Schools. Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Doctorate (PhD) degree students can choose to focus on specializations in business, such as management, accounting, marketing, technology, communications, risk management, etc.

The field of Education is another of the major subjects offered at most Graduate Schools. Here, too, are many options. Students of Education can concentrate on specific subjects (i.e., literacy, reading, mathematics, sciences, etc.). They may take teacher training at various levels (early childhood, elementary, middle school, high school, college), as well as education administration, education leadership, library resources, and assessment of curriculum and instruction.

Making the decision to attend Graduate School and continue your education takes some planning and preparation. There is much research to be done. Choosing among colleges, admissions tests, and expenses are all factors to be explored by the potential student. Undergraduate and graduate school offices can be a great help with decisions about degrees and courses. Counselors can guide your search and help you with planning, choosing from degree options, finding funds, and preparing for admissions tests. Many Graduate Schools offer preparation and practice tests for GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, and other admissions examinations. Additionally, a great deal of information about Graduate Schools can be found on the Internet.

Choosing an education administration career does not mean having to live economically. The profession is one of the most demanding professions in the United States and may let you enjoy a decent salary. In fact, as per the recent analysis conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the median annual earnings for elementary and secondary school administrators were at a very comfortable $77,740. The statistics even reflected a salary range of $67,735 paid to assistant elementary principals while an average salary for high school principals may reach up to $92,965.