Administrative Certificates

Since organizations need computer and technology-savvy office workers, administrative assistants must keep their administrative skills current. An administrative assistant performs a variety of duties, such as conducting research, scheduling meetings and appointments, answering phone calls and creating and organizing documents. Certification programs allow administrative assistants to help hone these important areas.

Modeled after a traditional M.B.A. program, this certificate combines a series of courses that give you a solid foundation in basic business management. It ensures your exposure to those elements essential to success as a manager in the public or private sector. You’ll leave this program with the tools necessary to competently and confidently face the demands and challenges of today’s business environment.

Studying for an administrative assistant certificate will teach you not only the usage of new office technology, but also how to use that technology for everyday office functions. The program also includes instruction on proper office procedures and employee/customer relations.

Education Prerequisites
High school transcripts will be required, and all applicants must have either graduated from high school or earned a GED. It is helpful to have good grades in math, and an understanding of basic word processing and other computer programs.

Employers highly value the knowledge and skills you’ll obtain in the areas of finance, human resources, marketing, leadership, international business, and management. As you acquire proficiency in strategic business analysis and develop your management skills, you will see your ability to contribute to your organization’s achievements begin to soar.

Program Coursework
Courses in office procedures, English grammar, proofreading and keyboarding for those wanting to increase their speed and accuracy are followed by specific courses in:
Spreadsheet/database software
Accounting/business math
Business/machine transcription
Business communications
Organizational human relations
Advanced elective courses in Power Point and other business applications are also usually available to students.

Popular Jobs
Graduating from an administrative assistant certificate program can lead to a job as a receptionist, secretary, file clerk, work processor or other office position. It could also lead to work as a personal administrative assistant for upper management personnel.

Administrative certificate program benefits:
Develop or refine your management and leadership skills to enhance your current job performance, increase your opportunities for advancement, and gain greater career flexibility.
Understand basic financial theories and practices for improved bottom line management.
Obtain an understanding of the various aspects of marketing.
Learn techniques for basic business analysis and strategic planning.
Gain a better understanding of the global marketplace and international competition.
Explore the fundamentals of human resources management including recruitment, interviewing, appraisal, organizational analysis, and workforce diversity.
Network with peers and other industry professionals