Administrative Academy

There are a variety of career options available for those wishing to work in an Administrative capacity. Most often when people think of Administrative staff, they think of secretaries and receptionists. However, Administrative professionals provide other important functions, such as, office management, human resources and desktop publishing.

Business support and administrative services form a critical part of today’s businesses. Businesses cannot survive without those who see to a company’s most basic functions. There are a number of diverse job opportunities for those considering the field, each requiring different skills. Administrative or executive assistants or secretaries keep track of appointments, creates or stores documents and handles telephone calls. Such a position requires an employee who is able to type quickly and accurately and has superb organizational skills. One who becomes a customer service or call center support representative works as a mediator between a company and its employees. One who chooses this position must be good with people and be able to research company policies or information quickly.

The Administrative Academy is a collaborative effort between the Los Angeles Unified School District and Associated Administrators of Los Angeles, and is designed to provide the highest quality professional development opportunities for administrators of our District.

Administrators have been enrolled in the New Administrator Program based on their assignment to the Master Salary Table after July 1, 1996. Although many administrators are no longer new to the job, both Superintendent Ruben Zacarias and the President of AALA, Eli Brent believes that every administrator should have the opportunity to participate in the programs of the Academy.

Administrators need to have a basic foundation of knowledge and skills on which to build his/her own leadership style. All entry-level administrators will be required to participate in the New Administrator Program by attending bimonthly workshops of three (3) hours each covering the topics listed below. This program has been designed to provide meaningful and practical training on topics that have been identified through a variety of needs assessment activities.

Administrative assistants take care of the day-to-day functions of running a business or department. Earning an associate in administrative assisting degree can bring you many rewarding opportunities. This article provides an overview of the degree, as well as career related information.

Those who wish to pursue a career in business support or administrative services may choose to attend a college, university of professional school offering courses designed to teach and perfect the necessary skill-set. Students can expect to study communications, office software programs, economics, marketing, and other topics related to their intended careers.