Business Administrative Degree

For those with designs to climb up the corporate ladder, earning a business administration degree is absolutely essential as it is a requirement for small, medium to large sized companies. A typical degree in business administration will cover a multitude of subject areas that include, but not limited to accounting, human resources, sales and marketing, economics etc. Levels of business administration degrees range from an Associate Degree in business Administration and Management to a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Earning an online degree in business degree is best suited for those already in employment and seeking to bolster their academic credentials.

The lure of becoming a leader apart, there are several reasons why a business administration degree is one of the most popular college degree programs of our time. The first reason, of course, is the golden gate to opportunity that it opens. Students who graduate with a degree in business administration are sought after by companies looking for confident individuals skilled in critical decision-making, strategic planning, leading teams, and devising ways to make businesses viable and profitable.

Most successful business managers have attained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from an accredited school or college. While this is not a strict requirement to hold a management position, it will definitely improve the chances of becoming one. The education one receives from online business administration and business management courses will provide the student with the necessary tools to be fully prepared for running a business on a day-to-day basis as a top business manager or business administrator.

A Bachelor’s Business Degree is a four-year long course of study offered by colleges and universities. At this level, the student will take core classes in business topics plus take higher level classes in a business concentration in a particular area. General area classes that students will take will cover topics such as accounting, business law, business ethics, management information systems and others. The student can then specialize in one of the core areas as well as others.

Those looking for employment in the business administration and business management field should be personable, business-minded and exhibit excellent organizational skills. They should also have good communication skills and open to teamwork.

Job responsibilities in the business administration field vary, sometimes greatly, from business to business. In some cases, business administration managers may be responsible for the hiring and firing of personnel, records management, payroll and/or the making of employee schedules. Ultimately, there is a wide range of job descriptions and responsibilities that fit under the managerial classification.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, the job growth rate of this field is expected to increase through 2016 by approximately 12 percent. This is slightly higher than the national average.

Just as the job responsibilities vary per company, so do the pay scales. Some business managers make $30,000 a year and some of the best business managers make well over $100,000. Of course, this is one area where the more responsibilities one has, the higher the salary. One of the benefits of starting as an entry-level manager is that with each promotion you receive, your income will increase accordingly.