University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati offers students a balance of educational excellence and real-world experience. The University of Cincinnati continues to gain national and international recognition for outstanding academic programs, world-class faculty and successful co-op partnerships around the globe. This school was originated in 1819 and is one of the 29 schools and colleges located in Cincinnati, Ohio. According to our analysis of the college crime data released by the US Department of Education, University of Cincinnati appears to be a very dangerous school.

As one of the country’s top 25 public research facilities, the University of Cincinnati offers over 600 programs of study. University of Cincinnati students have a wide selection of study from associate’s degree programs to doctorates and specialized certificates. Not only has the university received more than $330 million in research grants, it is also one of nation’s 100 largest universities. Achievements with roots in research conducted at the University of Cincinnati include the polio vaccine and Benadryl. Supreme Court Justice and later President William Taft was among the University of Cincinnati’s notable alumni.

At University of Cincinnati you can get your several-month certificate, 1-year certificate, associate degree, 2-year certificate, bachelor’s degree, post baccalaureate certificate, master’s degree, postmaster certificate, doctoral degree, or first-professional degree. The most popular concentrations at University of Cincinnati are Medical, Business, and Engineering.

University of Cincinnati implements a quarter-based curriculum calendar system and offers choices in 149 programs including Accounting, Architectural Engineering, Astrophysics, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Computer Programming, Creative Writing, Dance, Economics, Engineering, Finance, General Studies, Geography, Health Teacher Education, History, Industrial Design, Law, Legal Assistant, Linguistics, Mathematics, Medicine, Music, Nursing, Philosophy, Physical Therapist Assistant, Physics, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, and Statistics.

The Academic Health Center serves as the gateway to UC’s scientific corridor. As a major source of medical care in Greater Cincinnati, the center has a distinguished reputation for training prominent health-care professionals and providing leading-edge research and patient care. The graduation rate at University of Cincinnati is low – 46%. Around 19% of the school’s undergraduate students transfer to other colleges.

International activities

The university has a large, diverse international student body, with approximately 2,500 students drawn from over 100 countries. The largest numbers of foreign students are from India and China with a significant number from France as well. Most international students study at the graduate level, although the university is now aggressively recruiting more talented students into undergraduate fields. To this end, UC is now creating a network of official representatives to assist interested students throughout the world.

A number of new international activities are positioning UC as a leading international innovator among US universities. UC is the first American university to benchmark its international student services, using an instrument known as the International Student Barometer (ISB). In the Fall 2006 survey, UC benchmarked with the highest overall international student satisfaction score among the 40 participating institutions.

University of Cincinnati provides a distance education program, study abroad programs, and evening/weekend study opportunity, which is a great option for those who work full-time.

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