Miami-Jacobs Career College

From their beginnings in the 1860s, they have been putting our students first. Miami-Jacobs has built a reputation on helping our students achieve a better life through a new career a career that suits them and their goals.

Their programs are first to market: they develop new programs of study (and refresh current ones) according to market demand. And the results have become obvious: not only are their students motivated, highly skilled and reliable, many employers large and small in the Miami Valley seek them out to hire our graduates year after year.

Miami-Jacobs is:

  • The only area college offering individualized career planning for information technology, business, legal and health care careers.
  • The first college in the area approved by Microsoft to deliver their official curriculum. In fact, they were the first Dayton-area Microsoft Authorized Academic Training Program (AATP), the first college to offer Cisco Certification training, first AATP to deliver Windows 2000 training and the first college to become a Virtual University Enterprises (VUE) testing center.
  • The only area college approved by Quality Dayton.

Many people feel that their best option after high school is to go to a four-year college or university and earn a bachelor’s degree. While this isn’t a bad plan, there may be a better option. A career training school can offer many benefits that a four-year school can’t, and is often a more logical choice.

When someone graduates from a four-year school, they get a degree and are ready to look for a job. The only problem is that they don’t know where to start, their college doesn’t offer job placement. They don’t have any of the practical skills that most employers are looking for, and they were never prepared for what a career was going to be like.

Miami-Jacobs College is accredited to award certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools is listed as a nationally recognized accrediting agency by the United States Department of Education. Its accreditation of degree granting institutions also is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. ACICS is located at Suite 980, 750 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20002-4241 (202)336-6780.

The College is:

  • Approved by the Ohio Department of Education for the training of veterans.
  • Licensed by the State of Ohio Board of Career Colleges and Schools Registration, #92-12-1350B.
  • Approved as an eligible institution under State and Federally Guaranteed Student Loan Programs and under National Direct Student Loan Program.

- The Ohio Board of Nursing granted the Practical Nursing program at Miami-Jacobs Career College Conditional Approval. Conditional Approval is the standard approval level for all new Nursing programs.

- CAAHEP (the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs), accredits our Surgical Technology program at the Dayton Campus and Medical Assisting programs at the Columbus, Dayton, Troy and Springboro campuses.

Medical Assisting Program Accreditation:

Nov 2008 – Miami-Jacobs Career College is excited to announce that the Medical Assisting Program has received a grant of accreditation from the American Association of Medical Assistants Endowment (AAMAE) through December 2016. The college always seeks to meet and surpass the expectations of our students and employers. The accreditation shows our on-going commitment to quality and student learning outcomes. The accreditation also give students and graduates the ability to sit for the Certified Medical Assisting exam.