American Barber College

Barbering is an exciting and profitable career which offers financial security plus the ownership of ones’ self sufficiency. Their program(s) cover The History of Barbering. Professional Imagery, Anatomy and Physiology, Haircutting and Styling, Treatment of the Hair & Scalp, Chemistry, Bacteriology, Hair Coloring, Lightening, and much more. As long as humans grow hair a barber will have business, and a means to feed his family. Additional opportunities for advancement in field are: teaching, entertainment industry work, military, prison positions, personal hair care and cosmetic product manufacturing and distributions, competitions, and other arenas where The Art and Science of Barbering & Cosmetology can be exemplified.

The History of The American Barber College began in 1949 when Sherman Trustee, a product of an orphanage purchased the Pacific Barber College from its affiliates and owners then named it The American Barber College. Unfortunately, when Mr. Trustee made his purchase he did not have it certified by the State of California. So in 1956, Claude Gipson Jr., a Minister of the Gospel, enrolled in The American Barber College at 440 S Hill st., and graduated in 1958. A few years after graduation Mr. Gipson then purchased and organized The American Barber College from Sherman Trustee and certified the College with the State of California which had not been done in the past?

From that vantage point Mr. Gipson began training young men and women to be self supportive in the field of barbering: with the goal to gain the co-operation of the local, state, and federal correctional institutions teaching hands on in the field of Barber Sciences, Cosmetology, and Cosmetic making; along with working in the community in efforts to help further vocational training in the field of barbering.

The potential of people working in a vocational trade is just as valuable and important as people working in any other educational field. They work hard to let people know that they can do it with a little help from a “friend.” Thus, they and their Founder are sought to be a “friend” to those who feel they cannot make it, and even those who feel like they can make it but just need direction. This is the fabric of what we The American Barber College and its Associates are all about.

Educational Vision

This college lectures, and demonstrated professionalism, hygiene, resume formulation, and interview preparation for job opportunities in the field of Barbering & Cosmetology. Prior to graduation every student shall be prepared to demonstrate the aforesaid; and after the graduate has passed the state exam, received their license, they shall put the student on course for employment.

The graduate is to keep in contact with the college to keep them abreast of his/her progress, employment status, and provide feedback on the scope of training received from The American Barber College.

Job placement assistance is provided to graduates at no additional charge. The college may grant temporary job placement within the organization until outside employment is achieved.