Grabber School of Hair Design

Their goal is to prepare graduates for a successful career in the fields of cosmetology and manicuring. They also strive to instill in our students a true sense of self-pride, and further pledge that graduates will have a thorough knowledge of the basic skills reflecting yesterday, today, and the future of hairstyling.

At Grabber School, beauty is a philosophy of life. They elevate and combine the qualities of beauty and effective practices through a holistic approach that upgrades their profession. It is our goal to inspire students to higher levels of excellence, to be forward thinking, to use best business practices, and to represent a fresh perspective in all areas of the beauty world.

1) First, You Gain Knowledge

The first one hundred sixty (160) hours of the cosmetology course and the first fifty (50) hours of the manicuring course are spent mastering basic cosmetology and manicuring techniques.

2) Next, You Get Hands-On Training

We then help you apply what youve learned. You will first practice with mannequins. Then, as your confidence and skills build, you will advance to work with actual clients Grabber guests on the clinic floor. Licensed instructors supervise all work. Various licensed cosmetologists and salon owners conduct presentations on hair coloring, cutting, and perming. Students get hands-on experience during these sessions, too. We also host presentations by manufacturers representatives, product trainers, and consultants.


Accreditation means that a school has met certain standards of educational performance, which have been established by an impartial non-governmental agency. A school becomes accredited after an appointed inspection team has visited the school and evaluated it according to established standards. Grabber strives to meet or exceed all minimum standards its their commitment to a quality educational program. It should be noted that Federal Financial Funding is obtained only through accredited institutions.

NACCAS The Grabber School is accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences.

NACCAS is an autonomous, independent accrediting commission constituted as a non-profit Delaware corporation, with its main office located in Alexandria, Virginia. The commissions origins date back to 1969, when two accrediting agencies in the field merged to form the Cosmetology Accrediting Commission (CAC). The CAC changed their name to NACCAS in 1981.