Akron Barber College

Akron Barber College, Inc. was established in 1920. The college has been under the ownership and directorship of the Subotin Family since September 27, 1951.

Akron Barber College, Inc. is located at 2828 South Arlington Rd. in Akron, Ohio. There is ample parking space available. The College has four departments: The Clinic/Shop, The Styling Room, The Classroom and the Office. The Clinic/Shop has 28 barber chairs and stations; The Styling Room has 7 barber chairs and stations; The Classroom holds 20 students.

The entire College is air conditioned, well-ventilated, gas-heated, and illuminated with a fluorescent lighting system

The philosophy and objectives of Akron Barber College, Inc. are:

To provide a course in barber/styling in a professional atmosphere which includes all services that may be requested by the clientele of barbershops and/or styling salons; to provide the students with the theory and practical knowledge of regular haircuts, of the creation of modern hairstyles with unity, form and balance of hair and scalp care, of permanents, hair coloring, shaving, etc.; to provide a well-rounded educational program which will fit the needs and demands of the barber profession, and to train the students so they can become successfully employed as an entry level Barber and/or Hairstylist.

Approvals and Memberships:

  • Ohio State Barber Board
  • Ohio Barber Schools Association
  • Approved for Veterans Training
  • Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Private Industry Council

Admission Requirements & Procedures:

Each student must have a high school diploma (or its equivalent) and be 17 years of age or older. Credit will be given for previous barber training when approved by the Ohio State Barber Board and evaluated by an instructor to determine how much credit is to be given. Upon acceptance, all students must submit the following to the College: a copy of his/her birth certificate, a diploma showing graduation from the 12th grade (or certificate from the Ohio Department of Education showing an equivalent education as determined by examination); a $40.00 State Student registration fee; three current 3.5 X 2.5 inch photographs of the student; a certificate from a licensed physician stating that the student is physically fit and has had a laboratory RPR OR STS blood test and that he/she has no contagious, infectious or communicable diseases.

Barber implements; hygiene, sanitation and sterilization; rules and regulations; bartering history; ethics and shop management; honing, stropping and shaving; mens haircutting; bacteriology; shampoo-tonic and scalp treatment; theory of massage; study of hair and nails; chemistry; permanent waving; disease of the skin and scalp; barber laws; salesmanship; hair coloring; hair relaxing.

Opportunities for Women:

The changing conditions and improved working conditions are attracting larger numbers of women into the field of Barbering. Woman are being sought by many shop owners to become stylists for mens hair. They work on the same pay basis as the men and can take home an equal paycheck each week.

Akron Barber College, Inc. practices no discrimination in its admission, instruction or graduation policies, on the basis of race, creed, religion, handicap, financial status, sex, age, country or area of origin or residence.